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Upgraded during pending Accountant's Changes

I upgraded our Quickbooks in August 2021 while accountant's changes from 2/28/21 were pending.


I have read through this article about Troubleshooting Accountant's Changes Pending which seems helpful until I try to implement the solution.


I restored to the local back up I made on Quickbooks Pro 2018 on 8/14/21 prior to upgrading to Quickbooks Desktop Pro Plus 2021. But when I restore, QB immediately tells me I have to upgrade the company file. It only gives me two options: Upgrade or Cancel. If I cancel, it closes the company file. If I upgrade, then I am back to not being able to import the pending accountant's changes.


How do I restore the previous file, import the pending accountant's changes, and THEN update the company file to the current version?


I am using a Windows 10 based laptop.


Thanks for suggestions and help!

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QuickBooks Team

Upgraded during pending Accountant's Changes

I appreciate you for sharing the details of your concern and for performing some troubleshooting steps, Chris.


You'll need to upgrade your company file to access it on your newer version of QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). Before doing so, I recommend having another backup copy of your file.


This way, if you need to undo some changes, you can use a backup file to easily restore it. When ready, you can now restore your file to your QBDT 2021 and upgrade it. I'll show you how.

  1. Open your new version of QBDT.
  2. Click Open or Restore Company if you don't have a company file open. You can also go to the File menu and select Open or Restore Company.
  3. Select Restore, then Next
  4. Browse your computer for your company file. Select it and then select Open 
  5. Sign in to your company file as an admin user.
  6. Select Update Now to start the upgrade.
  7. When QuickBooks finishes, select Done


You can also refer to this link for more details about the process: Upgrade your company files after you switch to a new version of QuickBooks Desktop.


Once done, you can now import your accountant's changes whenever you're ready.


I'll be around whenever you have other questions or concerns about updating your file or with QBDT. It's always my pleasure to help and ensure you run your business flawlessly. Have a good one! 

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Upgraded during pending Accountant's Changes

Thank you, I missed the notification but I greatly appreciate your detailed reply.

I did already update my company file to the new version of QBDT Pro Plus 2021 back when I upgraded on 8/18/2021 and I have been able to access that.  The issue is that I had accountants changes pending WHEN I upgraded so now I can't import the Accountants Changes.  

From what I read, I need to

1) restore the back up I made prior to upgrading on 8/18/2021,

2) import the accountant's changes, and

3) then update the company file to QBDT Pro Plus 2021


I have tried that, but since I am restoring the 8/18/21 back up in QBDT Pro Plus 2021, it won't let me open the 8/18/21 back up without updating it to the new version.


So I guess my more specific 2 questions are:

A)  Do I also have to revert to the PRIOR VERSION of QBDT, before I restore the 8/18/21 back up?  (and then import Accountant changes, then re-upgrade to QBDT Pro Plus 2021, then update the company file) 

B) Is there any other way to import the pending accountant's changes when I upgraded QBDT versions while those changes were pending.  


At this point, it might be easier to just get the written entries from the CPA and manually enter them in my current QBDT Pro Plus 2021 account but just making sure.



Upgraded during pending Accountant's Changes

Hi CNSChris,


I can see that my colleague, @JasroV, has given you a good start by sharing the steps to restore your company file. I'll provide more information about your main concern.


Importing accountant's changes will work in different versions as long as the gap is only one year, and your QuickBooks version is not higher than the version used by your accountant. So to answer your question, yes, you need to revert to version 2018, import the changes, and then upgrade to 2021. However, I can't guarantee that you can still reinstall it since it's unsupported, and you've already installed version 2021. Therefore, in this case, your option is to manually enter the changes from your CPA.


I'll continue to help you if you have more questions about this, but one of my colleagues will jump in if I'm no longer in the office. Good luck with this, and have a good one!

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