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vendor credit limit

I am getting a message entering bills that vendor credit limit is zero and do I wish to continue. I have NEVER set any vendor credit limits in over 20 years and do not appreciate having to edit each vendor to remove the limit that QB in its infinite wisdom has imposed on me.  Meddle...meddle...meddle...if it ain't broke, why break it?



p.s. I attempted three different times to upload this question using Chrome but keep getting a red "correct your errors" when there are none so this was uploaded using Edge

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Community Champion

vendor credit limit

Okay, "expert" that I am, I found out how to "fix" this almost all at onc.


1. Open vendor tab

2. Right click on any vendor name and select Add/Edit Multiple Suppliers

3. Click Customize Columns at upper right

4. highlight Credit Limit and add to column view

5. Go down though all affected vendors deleting the 0.00 entry that I DID NOT PLACE THERE

6. Save and hopefully not have to repeat in all 10 company files but I know I will

Community Champion

vendor credit limit

This gets more weird and if this isn't a bug then I do not know what is...when I "saved" the removal of credit limits on the vendors (of 650 vendors only about 300-400 had an imposed credit limit and it had nothing to do with type of vendor or even if we had ever entered bills or just checks before) randomly was asked if I wanted to enter a tax ID for certain vendors  - whatever update took place deleted several but not all vendor tax IDs.


Day by day desktop is starting to act like online, sheesh!!!


vendor credit limit

Thank you for sharing to us how to resolve an error with the vendor credit limit, john-pero. This will help us how to handle similar issues in the future.


You can also reach our QuickBooks Desktop customer support team if you continue to experience unusual behavior with your QuickBooks Desktop account. They have the tools to further check and investigate this issue and help in resolving it. 


Let us know if there’s anything else that we can help. We’re always here to assist. Have a wonderful day!

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