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What is the phone number for support?

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QuickBooks Team

What is the phone number for support?

I'm here to ensure you'll get the help you need, innkeeper3.


I understand you'd like to talk to our phone representative. Though aside from phone support, you can also share your concern with us, and we're here to help you out.


You can get our Customer Support Team to call you back by using our Contact Us feature in QuickBooks Online. I'll guide you how.


  1. Go to the Help icon and then select Contact Us.
  2. Enter a brief description of your concern in the dialogue box.
  3. Click Let's Talk.
  4. Select Get a callback.


Due to the pandemic, we have limited staffing and have reduced our support hours. To ensure that you'll be assisted on time, please check out the availability of our representatives.


You can also browse our Help articles page if you have other QuickBooks concerns, such as setting up advanced reports, online banking, managing reconciliation, transactions, import and export data lists, etc.


I'll keep an eye on your response. Your success with QuickBooks is our top priority. Have a great day!

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What is the phone number for support?

Why can't i contact anyone at this company

QuickBooks Team

What is the phone number for support?

This is not the service we want you to experience, @AJSC.


We have streamlined the process of how you can contact our phone support team. You can set up for a callback or chat with a representative through the Help icon in your QuickBooks account. Also, you can always post your question here in the Community and we're more than happy to assist you. 


On the other hand, here's how you can contact us:

  1. Go to the Help icon.
  2. Click Contact Us.
  3. Enter your concern in the What can we help you with? field.
  4. Click Let's Talk.
  5. You'll be routed into the Choose a way to connect with us page.
    • Start a chat with a support expert.
    • Get a callback from the next available expert.
  6. Select how you want to contact them and fill in the information.

Just a heads-up, we're currently experiencing staffing challenges due to the impact of COVID 19. We're open Monday-Friday 6:00 AM - 4:00 PM and Saturday 6:00 AM - 1:00 PM Pacific Time. You can browse this article to see the different types of support we offer at Intuit and their availability: Support hours and types.


Let me know how your call goes by leaving a comment below. I'll be around to provide further assistance.

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What is the phone number for support?

Your customer support is pure garbage

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What is the phone number for support?

QuickBooks offers absolutely zero support for their customers. If you call the health number, you’ll be transferred to somebody in Bangladesh who makes $1.50 per week you can’t answer any questions. Will then put you on hold for approximately 45 minutes before hanging up. While QuickBooks used to be the standard in business software, it’s now complete garbage. I lost three months of mileage tracking because their app simply does not work. As I drove approximately 20,000 miles, I have QuickBooks to thank for possibly losing thousands of dollars in deductions


Thanks for being a dog s*** company that doesn’t give a rats arse about their customers

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What is the phone number for support?

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