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Credit card payments not matching to transaction

QBO user here. My credit card payments are not matching to transactions on a regular basis. Is there something I can do to fix this?

Next to all my payments it displays Paid (Not deposited) when the funds in fact do get deposited to my bank account. My accountant is at a loss here and I don't have the time to manually go through all my transactions to manually match them.

In addition, I have a permanent fixture on my home screen saying "Alert - Some QuickBooks payments were not automatically recorded. After you receive the money in your account, record them manually as a bank deposit.

Please help!

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Credit card payments not matching to transaction

Hello @jval,


I'm here to help you match your transactions to the corresponding credit card payments.


First off, each credit card payments you received ideally go through your Undeposited Funds. This is the reason why it's showing Paid (Not deposited). You'll have to create a bank deposit transaction to record these payments within your QuickBooks.


Here's how to create a bank deposit:

  1. Go to the Plus icon.
  2. Under Other, choose Bank Deposit.
  3. Scroll down the page to Add funds to this deposit.
  4. Choose a customer under the RECEIVED FROM column.
  5. Under the ACCOUNT column, select Undeposited Funds.
  6. Enter a PAYMENT METHOD and an AMOUNT.
  7. Click Save and close.

Once done, these amounts will be deposited to your QuickBooks bank account.


Lastly, if credit card payments are not yet linked to any transaction, the only option is to manually match each of them to the corresponding transactions.


Let me know how it works. I'll be always around to help.

Polina - CloudBusiness LLC
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Credit card payments not matching to transaction

Hello @jval ,


In order to match invoice payments to the invoices in bulk, you can use one of the importing apps like Business Importer, it is great from my perspective. Basically, if you will have payments information in excel/csv format and also the numbers of the invoices payments should be linked to, this app will be able to link payment to invoice using invoice numbers from the filed. 

In your case as payments are already there, you would need to use Update feature.


Hope that helps, Polina


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Credit card payments not matching to transaction

I'm having the same type of issue.  Each day sales receipts are created in quickbooks.  Everyday I go into the merchant account and pull the deposits report.  I would think the deposits coming through the bank transactions should match the merchant deposit report, but sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.  Sometimes I can choose each sales receipt to ensure I received payment, but sometimes it comes in, in a bulk deposit and I have to assume it is for sales receipts processed the day before.  Is there an easier way to ensure the deposits through the merchant account are matched with the sales receipts in quickbooks? This is super frustrating and I do not have the time to work through this each day.  Afraid if I wait more than one day it will be a total mess and unable to ensure payments were received from all the patients.


Credit card payments not matching to transaction

Hello there, @MaryFerry.


Deposits and fees for payments processed through QuickBooks are automatically recorded to your bank account. If it doesn't match directly, you'll need to make sure your QuickBooks Payments account is configured to match and record automatically. 


Here's how: 

  1. At the top right, select the Gear icon.
  2. Choose Account and Settings.
  3. Go to the Payments tab.
  4. In the Chart of Accounts section, select your accounts and save.
  5. Check if the deposit account selected is the same with the account the payments get deposited to.

If the correct accounts are selected, I suggest giving us a call. You can contact our QuickBooks Payments Team to correct the setup of your account. You can reach them through this articleQuickBooks Merchant Services.


Keep me posted how it goes. I'll be around to help you further. 

Badlands O
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Credit card payments not matching to transaction

I’m having a very similar but perhaps slightly different issue.  I use Shopify as the point of sale provider for both online and brick and mortar payment processing.  The problem is that I receive payments from several providers( examples: PayPal, Shopify credit processing, amazon payments, cash). The cash is okay, but the other providers take a fee from each transaction.  Therefore if I enter the sales as undeposited funds, the bank account deposited amount will not match the undeposited funds amount entered due to the fee being removed.  We have many transactions per day and it’s unrealistic to adjust each one accordingly to the fee taken out.  Please help me get the best daily sales summary or if there is a way of importing transactions so I don’t have to waste so much time in this area.  Thanks 

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