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How do I link paypal cashback mastercard issued by synchrony bank?

I can not find an option to do so
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QuickBooks Team

How do I link paypal cashback mastercard issued by synchrony bank?

It’s great to see you in the Community, userchristine1.

We’ll have to go to the Banking page to connect your PayPal Cashback Mastercard. I’ll be your guide today on how to perform this task in QBO.


  1. Tap the Banking menu on the left panel to choose the Banking option.
  2. Press the Link account button in the upper left to open the Connect an account page.olbnew.png
  3. Select Connect to a different bank or Add an account.olbnew.1.png
  4. Enter PayPal Cashback Mastercard in the search field.
  5. From the list, look for the account.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection process.


However, if you’re unable to see the account from the list, try some of these suggestions to find it.


  • Check the spelling and make sure it appears exactly the one on your bank's website.
  • Use very specific names to search for your bank. If you still can't find anything, try broader names like "Citi."
  • Enter your bank's URL into the search. For example, search for "" for HSBC.
  • Look for the name of the issuing bank. You’ll find it on the back of your card."Chase," "HSBC," or "Bank of America".


If you continue to get the same result, perform Steps 2-3 in the following guide: Find your bank or credit card account when you connect to online banking.

If none of these steps work, use the WebConnect feature to download your Paypal transactions and import them to QBO. Click here to view the step-by-step process.

For additional reference, these resources cover all the information about connecting your bank to QBO. From there, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about PayPal.



Stay in touch if you have any clarifications or questions about the product. I’m only a few clicks away for help. Enjoy the rest of the day.

Level 1

How do I link paypal cashback mastercard issued by synchrony bank?

  1. I cannot get that card linked either!  Did you get it done?
Level 1

How do I link paypal cashback mastercard issued by synchrony bank?

I cannot get it either.  I suspect its b/c I log into paypal and it takes me to synchrony bank.  

QuickBooks Team

How do I link paypal cashback mastercard issued by synchrony bank?

Hello, taoskier. 


I'll clarify the connection availability for the PayPal Cashback Mastercard service. I'll also help you bring in your transactions into QuickBooks. 


Currently, our Online Bank feeds feature supports regular PayPal connections and accounts. Our engineers might still be working on supporting the PayPal Cashback Mastercard service. 


Though, you can always request for support regarding the PayPal Cashback Mastercard service. Here's how to do it:


  1. Go to the Banking page, then click the Connect account or Link account button.
  2. Search for "PayPal Cashback."
  3. Scroll down, then click the Still can't find your bank? link.
  4. Enter the bank name and the exact link.
  5. Click Request




Our Banking team will check with PayPal to work on this service. However, PayPal has the final say whether they'll include the connection or not. 


In the meantime, you'll want to manually import your PayPal Cashback transactions into QuickBooks Online. This article can help you with the process: Manually upload transactions into QuickBooks Online


You can also check this article if you'd like to know more about PayPal's supported services for the Bank Feeds feature: Differences between Connect to PayPal app, Sync with PayPal app, and PayPal Bank Feeds


You can start categorizing your transactions after bringing in them. 


I'm willing to help you manage your transactions again. Just start a new thread or reply here. I'm also open to any other questions you might have for QuickBooks Online. 

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How do I link paypal cashback mastercard issued by synchrony bank?

I'm having the same issue. Did this get resolved? I would like to connect my Paypal CC to my Quickbooks account. I just started using Quickbooks and this is a deal killer if it won't link to my CC. Thanks in advance for any advice. 

Level 1

How do I link paypal cashback mastercard issued by synchrony bank?

How long will it take to find out if I can link my Paypal Credit Card to my Quickbooks account? I'm new to Quickbooks. Thanks! 

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

How do I link paypal cashback mastercard issued by synchrony bank?


Utilize the trial version of SlickConnect to isolate the issue. It is designed to import into any bank or credit card in QuickBooks Online, so there is no specific setting needed. If the same error persists, there is an ongoing problem at your bank.


QuickBooks Team

How do I link paypal cashback mastercard issued by synchrony bank?

Hello, cleighholder.


Thanks for choosing us to help you manage your business! I'd like to add some details about the connection supportability for PayPal Credit Card service. 


Our developers might be working to bring in other PayPal services (including the PayPal Credit service). So at this time, only regular PayPal accounts can be connected with QuickBooks.


In addition, we don't have the exact timeframe on when they'll add the PayPal Credit service into our list of supported banks. 


In the meantime, you can manually import your PayPal Credit transactions into QuickBooks. This article can help you through the steps: Manually upload transactions into QuickBooks Online.


Also if your PayPal Credit transactions flow into your regular PayPal account, you can connect your existing account instead. 


Although, you can send a request to our developers to expedite the approval process. Take note that PayPal will still have the final say whether they'll include the credit card service or not. 


Here's how you can send a request: 


  1. Go to the Banking page, then click the Connect account or Link account button.
  2. Search for "PayPal Credit."
  3. Scroll down, then click the Still can't find your bank? link.
  4. Enter the bank name and the exact link.
  5. Click Request


Need help with your reconciliation after uploading your credit card transactions and other entries? You can check this article for the steps: Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online.


Do you have any other concerns in setting up your QuickBooks account or your bank transactions? Please let me know the details below, and I'll get back to you to help you out. 

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How do I link paypal cashback mastercard issued by synchrony bank?

It is now almost a year later.  Do you have an update on whether or not the PayPal Cashback Mastercard can be connected to quickbooks? 


It's provided by Synchrony Bank, but the only login I have to use is via logging into and then clicking on the card, so I don't have a login specific to Synchrony Bank, and when I use my PayPal login with "Paypal Credit, Mastercard and Crypto" it then prompts me to select a PayPal account, which I already have linked as my paypal account.  If I add it again it just downloads my paypal transactions and doesn't ever let me select my PayPal Mastercard.  When clicking into the card from the paypal dashboard, it sends me over to which is not a URL of any bank in your list.


Does this mean you do not support PayPal Cashback Mastercard?  Or am I missing something?


I should note that this USED TO WORK for years until we got a notice that the connection was not going to be supported and would need to be reconnected.  But, I don't remember how we connected the account, if it was via synchrony with my paypal login, or if it was via paypal and then selecting the card somehow, but I've tried connecting to the synchrony bank options and they didn't work, and like I said connecting to PayPal only shows the main account, not the card.


Please solve this mystery for us, our books are getting out of date!

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How do I link paypal cashback mastercard issued by synchrony bank?

I have the same issue here 


How do I link paypal cashback mastercard issued by synchrony bank?

Connecting the PayPal Cashback in QuickBooks is my focus here, @moh-gaafar88


Downloading your PayPal Cashback transactions automatically in QuickBooks Online is a time saver. I wish I could add the account on my end so you can manage your data quickly. 


Presently, our Online Bank streams feature supports regular PayPal connections and accounts. I'd suggest sending another request to our banking team. They can communicate with PayPal and discuss this matter. To do this, you can follow the steps provided by jamespaul above. 


As an alternative, you can consider the suggestions on this thread. I'll give you the list:


  1. If your Cashback transaction will flow to your primary PayPal, connect that account in QuickBooks. If not, you may try calling their support and ask them if they have options.
  2. Check a third-party application in our QuickBooks App store or utilize the Slick Connect mentioned by Fiat Lux - ASIA.
  3. Manually upload your Cashback data into QuickBooks. 


Once your cashback data is already in QuickBooks, don't forget to categorize transactions and reconcile your bank accounts. This way, your books will stay accurate at all times. 


Furthermore, check out these articles below to connect and manage PayPal app transactions in QBO: 



When you're feeling down about QuickBooks, just let me know. I'll listen and will offer my support in any way I can.

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How do I link paypal cashback mastercard issued by synchrony bank?

It does not flow to the paypal balance / transaction history, thus why we need to connect the card directly.


I did call PayPal Support.  What a nightmare.  They told me to call Synchrony Bank support.  I called Synchrony Bank Support, they said they would connect me to PayPal Support, but a different department.  I connected to PayPal Support, some department, they told me that's not their department, connected me to another paypal department.  That PayPal department told me not their department, connected me to the first department.  This person once again told me not their department, connected me to another department.   This pattern continued for about 6 transfers to other departments, each time waiting on hold music for a long time, and nobody could seem to handle the very basic question of whether or not this card can connect or not.  Finally, after HOURS of transfers and hold music, I get re-connected to a department that I had already talked to, the gentleman seemed to actually be familiar with the issue after he was going to transfer me and I told him that I'd been transferred 6 times and am now on to him, so to please not transfer me again.  He told me it's not supported, because for a connection to be supported, a username and password has to exist, and it does not because of how it's set up.  He also told me it's not his department, so he can't really say more than that, but that he did know that was a known issue and that's why it can't work. 


Meanwhile, it already did work for a long time before it stopped working suddenly, so even that reason seems weak to me, since they already had a working integration and apparently got rid of it for some unknown reason.


Use the only known login - go to PayPal and then click through to log you into the Synchrony PayPal Mastercard account, (there is no actual username and login direct into synchrony), and the paypal login you use in the first place does not work with synchrony bank.  So, not supported.


I will be cancelling this card, after going through dozens of online accounts changing payment method one at a time.  What a frustrating experience and mess this has created for our books.


For anyone else having this issue, if you have this card, and need your transaction history in your Quickbooks, here's what you do:


The only way to get your transactions into Quickbooks, is to

  1. Go to the PayPal account > CashBack Mastercard (Synchrony) account
  2. find your statements 1 month at a time, and export them to a spreadsheet. 
  3. Then, collect all of them into one sheet (there is no export all or date range export).  Use Google sheets or similar to get all the transactions into one list. 
  4. Export that list to CSV. 
  5. Then in Quickbooks, import the transactions manually under the connect menu in banking/transactions.  Map the columns accordingly matching them up, and it will import all the transactions.  If your card is already in your list of accounts, find it from your dashboard and then find the import transactions option.


Make sure if you have had this sync before, that you only have the transactions AFTER your last automatic sync'd transaction for the card - might be around May 2022, but just check what the last transaction was that did sync and delete that and anything before that from your exported transaction sheets list, so that you don't end up with duplicate transaction records.


Why this would work for year(s) and then suddenly stop working, I don't know, but it's a huge pain in the butt. 


Maybe they stopped supporting sync'd transaction history because it lets people who review their transactions to see proof of their scammy hidden fees!  Once reviewing your transaction, you may notice Synchrony Bank charging semi random amounts as "Card Security Fee" - I had charges every month, that I did not realize were there, sometimes more than once a month if I was paying the card off in advance, for anywhere from $17 - $25.  This is a fee they charge you based on your card balance.  Even if you have auto-pay enabled, and have paid on-time every month, it only auto-pays some of the current balance, not all of it, keeping the balance higher.  Not to mention they may be charging this fee before auto-pay executes so that it can charge more.  I think it might be possible to call and manually opt-out of this charge, which I wish I knew years ago, since I've paid hundreds of dollars in fees not realizing they were charging it. 


So much for getting "cash back".  More like cash to pay their hidden fees.  I don't even want to compare how much cash I got "back" vs how much I leaked from my account into their greedy pockets from this hidden security fee crap.  Garbage card, and garbage support.  Basically, the PayPal CashBack Mastercard by Synchrony Bank is a very well hidden scam, charging you to get the "cashback" to them instead of you via these fees.  If you're keeping this card you might want to look into the "opt out of security fee" number to call and remove this fee from your account.  Just the fact that you can opt out but only by phone should be a sign that it's designed to scam people.  Live and learn.

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