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How long can quickbooks hold my payment

How long can quickbooks hold my payment

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QuickBooks Team

How long can quickbooks hold my payment

I can shed some light on payment holds in QuickBooks Online, @Steve212121. I'm here to provide information that'll help you understand the processing time.


QuickBooks Payments is here to help you get paid fast and in a way that’s convenient and easy for your customers. The first few payments take a little longer to process for new users as we set things up. When you log in to your Merchant Service Center and see the term "Withheld" in the Method column, you'll know it's on hold.


When something unexpected happens in your transactions, a hold can be place on the fund. That being said, here are some common reasons:


  • When your payment processing exceeds the established maximum dollar amount expected on your account.
  • When a transaction is processed after several authorization attempts and failures.
  • When certain transactions require verification of your business type to ensure it is compliant with the Intuit Acceptable Use Policy.
  •  When our systems identify processing patterns that pose a risk to any of the parties involved: You, your customer, or to Intuit.


You'll get an email with detailed instructions on what other information we'll need to complete our review. This will take 2 business days. For more information about funds on hold, kindly click this link.


Additionally, credit card payment deposits take 1-2 business days. Bank transfer (ACH) payment deposits can take 2 to 7 days. The deposit cutoff is 3 p.m. PT. Payments processed after 3 p.m. PT go into the next deposit.


Please read through this article for more information about the processing time. This will help you to avoid them in the future. 


In case a customer's credit card payments are charged twice, you can refer to this article. This will guide you on how to void the extra charge before the settlement cut-off time of 3 P.M. PST. 


If you haven't received any communication about your funds, you can reach out to the Payments team. They'll pull up your account in a secure environment and investigate them.


You can always get back to me if you have other concerns about payments on hold. I'm always here to lend a hand. Have a great day.

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