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mastercard error enter a valid card number



Anyone else having issues with accepting Mastercard payments and getting an error message stating to enter a valid card number? This is happening with several different Mastercard credit cards. 

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QuickBooks Team

mastercard error enter a valid card number

I understand the importance of smooth payments and appreciate you for sharing your concern in the Community, @SWestmoreland.


Sometimes, when you process a customer's credit card, the transaction may not go through. This can be due to various reasons, such as authorization problems or incomplete information.


Here are tips and steps you can take for different types of credit cards customers may use:


  • Make sure the credit card number and verification code are correct.
  • Mastercard credit cards have 16 digits, with a 3-digit code on the back.
  • Ensure there are no special characters or spaces in the credit card number or other data fields.
  • Use the customer's address from the US
  • You have the option to Process payments in the Merchant Service Center directly.

Please keep in mind that if none of the solutions provided solve the payment issue, you may want to suggest to the customer to use another form of payment. 


If the customer insists on using the credit card that is causing the issue, kindly ask them to contact their credit card company directly for assistance.


Additionally, I have some articles that can provide you with more information on how to manage QuickBooks Payments:



If you have any questions about accepting Mastercard payments, please let me know. I'm here to help.

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