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Payment not matching invoices on "banking"


Sometimes, when a client pays my invoice online using QB's link, the payments they make do not match the invoice on QB. I get  notifications under "banking" that a payment was made, BUT the "category or match" shows anything else but the client this payment came from. Shouldn't that be automatic? 

Please help. Thank you.

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QuickBooks Team

Payment not matching invoices on "banking"

It's good to see you here, @belle-larsen. I'll provide insight about matching invoice payments from banking to invoices in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


QuickBooks doesn't automatically match to invoices whether you have the same customer who paid the invoices. QBO's matching payments will be based on amounts.


You'll have to use Find Match to look for the correct payments for the invoice transactions. The best option would be to adjust the invoice in QBO so it matches what came from the bank. 


For example, your customer paid a $90 invoice payment. Then the $100 invoice transaction would need to be edited and changed to $90, and then they should both appear as a match.


You can also review this article to help you get on the track for matching payments to invoices: Categorize and match online bank transactions in QuickBooks Online.


When you're ready to assess your business financials, you may consider checking out this article: Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online


Keep in touch with me here should you have any additional questions or concerns about matching invoice payments. I'm always available to help. Have a good one!

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Payment not matching invoices on "banking"

Hello Kevin,

I appreciate your response. however, the issue has not been resolved yet. 


Here is a step by step explanation of what I see:

1 - I send the invoice to my client

2- My client pays the invoice using the button provided on the invoice

3 - I get an email saying that my client paid

4- I go to my QB online, and update my banking

5- Banking shows me all the things to review

6- Under description for example, The review shows "Deposit INTUIT 0000000..." and the amount received. 

7 -  I go under "Find Match", but this NEVER shows the client OR the amount in question

8 - Under sales, I check my invoices, and when I do I see that the invoice in questions shows as "deposited"


I get stuck in steps 6-8 and I dont know how to resolve the bank transaction. 

QuickBooks Team

Payment not matching invoices on "banking"

Thanks for getting back to us and for sharing the steps you've performed to resolve this issue, Belle.


When your customer pays their invoice online, QuickBooks automatically process these payments. All you have to do is to review and match them in your banking feeds. You'll see a match found banner under the Category or Match column. 2.PNG


Since you're unable to match them in your QuickBooks Online (QBO), I recommend logging out and logging back in to your account. This will refresh the system and for updates to take effect. 


If this is not the case, I recommend contacting our merchant support team. One of our agents can deeper look into this odd behavior and provide you with the best fix. 


When everything is all set, you can now categorize and reconcile your accounts whenever you're ready.


I'm all ears if you have additional questions about matching your transactions and invoices, you can always count on me to back you up. Have a good one and always stay safe!

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Payment not matching invoices on "banking"

Hi Belle - I am having the same issue, did you ever figure out how to clear those payments in the banking tab that didn't show matches??  

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Payment not matching invoices on "banking"

Same here. Anyone figure out a fix?


Payment not matching invoices on "banking"

Welcome to the Community, @desigrrl. Thanks for joining the thread.


Let me explain why payments in the banking tab do not match your invoices. The following are a few factors why some of the transactions can’t find their match from existing records.


  • The payees don’t match
  • The amounts don't match
  • The dates don't match or aren't close
  • The transaction is older than 6 months.
  • The bank account on the payment is not the same as the bank where the match is located
  • The payment has been reconciled
  • The transaction is already matched to something else
  • There’s a multicurrency issue with the exchange rates, or the transaction doesn't pass through the home currency at some point.

You can utilize the Find Match tool to find the relevant payments for the invoice transactions. Let's exclude them in the banking tab if you can't locate them in the register. Here's how: 


  1. Go to Banking and select Transactions. Click Bank transaction.
  2. Select the For Review tab.
  3. Select the checkbox of the transactions to exclude.
  4. Select Exclude.


In order to prevent an error from affecting your account balances or reports, you must either void or delete a transaction that you accidentally created in QuickBooks Online. You may click this article for your reference: Void or delete transactions in QuickBooks Online.


You're always welcome to get back to this thread if you have further concerns with your transactions in QuickBooks Online. Feel free to click the Reply button anytime. Have a great day, desigrrl.

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