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QB2019: Invoice not in A/R

I'm using QB 2019 for Mac v18.0.6 R7


Usually, invoices that I create are correctly posted in two places: the customer's account and in Accounts Receivable. 


However,  sometimes, the invoice is in posted the customer's account but NOT in A/R. The matching entry is placed in a dormant credit card account, with $0 entry.  Any ideas why this might be happening and how I could fix it?



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QuickBooks Team

QB2019: Invoice not in A/R

Hi boberonicus,


By default, an invoice will post to your A/R, income accounts assigned to the items, and tax account if it's taxable. These are the usual posting accounts of an invoice.


You can pull up the transaction journal (Command + T) to see which items use a non-income account. Then, you can edit that item.


If you see nothing wrong with the items, you can run the Verify and Rebuild data utilities to fix any damaged data components that could have triggered this behavior.


After running the tools, you create invoices again and check the journal after.


Feel free to share an update after doing the steps I mentioned.

Level 3

QB2019: Invoice not in A/R

First, thanks for the quick and thoughtful reply!


The first thing I did when I started seeing this (months ago) was to rebuild the database. That didn't fix it .The tricky part is that I can't reproduce the problem easily. Some invoices don't get a spurious entry in the credit card account, others do. 


Command-T is helpful. Here's what it looks like for a "bad" invoice. 


bad qb.jpg

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