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Quickbooks holding my cash

There's been an ongoing issue with my account where customers would pay our invoices and Quickbooks had trouble sending us our payment. It's been over 2 months now, and it keeps accumulating the balance of money held in Quickbooks that isn't release to us. 


Over the past 2 months, I've been on three 1-hr or more phone calls for the Payment Solutions department. I am also on Priority Support.. and none of them were able to solve my problem, including changing payment methods 2 times. 


Has anyone encountered this problem? Have you been able to figure out a solution? Quickbooks Support told me 3 times that problem will "auto-fix itself within 24-48 hours" but none of that happened. We're a cashflow business and this is really hurting us right now.. 



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QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks holding my cash

Hello, Vouris.


I can see where you're coming from. While we're unable to check your account in this public forum, let me give some info why the funds are on hold. .


When payments are taking longer than usual, it means we need to review them to check if there's an issue. This is to protect the interests of all parties involved in the payment process. Please refer to your merchant service agreement for more information.


If you see the word "Withheld" on the payments when reviewing them in the Merchant Service Center, please check your email and read it carefully. It'll give you the specific steps to fix any issues. Usually, we ask for more info so we can complete our review. For example, we may ask you to send us a copy of the original invoice you sent to your customer.


For more details about the process, please check out these articles:


I'll also share this link on how you can contact our Merchant Service Team to review your account and check for updates regarding the payments: Contact Payments or Point of Sale Support.


You're always welcome to post a reply here if you have any additional questions or need help with other task in your QuickBooks account. I'll be around to help you out. Take care and stay safe.

Level 2

Quickbooks holding my cash

Thank you for your reply! 

In our case, it's been 2 months now, there's not a single email on it, nor any message on the resolution center.


I would love a timeline or some expectation or status on it if they are looking to verify the accounts... but the problem is Quickbooks Payment teams told me they know the money they are withholding but no one (out of 3 people I spoke to) has any idea how to fix it. 


How do I open up a case? 




Quickbooks holding my cash

I can see that the issue about payments already affects your business, @Vouris. With this, let me route you to the best support who can investigate this matter accordingly and provide the appropriate details you deserve. 


In Intuit, our top priority is the security of your account details. Since the Community is a public forum, and we'll need to collect some personal information to pull up your account, I encourage you to reach out to our Customer Care team again. They have the tools to create a case to further investigate this matter and provide you with all the necessary updates. To do this, here's how:


  1. Sign in to your QBO company.
  2. Go to the Help (?) menu.
  3. Select the Search tab.
  4. Click the Contact Us button.
  5. Enter a brief description of your concern in the What can we help you with? field.
  6. Select Continue.
  7. Choose a way to connect with us. Make sure to initiate contact during support hours


Also, to answer the most commonly asked questions about QuickBooks Payments, I'd recommend checking out this article: QuickBooks Payments FAQs. It includes topics about funding status, payments processing, account management, to name a few.


Please don't hesitate to leave a comment below if you have other payments concerns and questions about managing sales and income transactions in QBO. I'll gladly help. Take care, and I wish you continued success, @Vouris.

Level 2

Quickbooks holding my cash

As I said in original post - I went through this process 3 times already.. and spoke to customer service for 3 hours (1hr each) They weren't able to solve the problem.. 

QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks holding my cash

Hi there, @Vouris.


It's our priority to isolate the issue you had while processing payments through the Merchant Service Center. I want you to know that this has been escalated to a higher level of support and we'll have someone reach you out via private message to further discuss your case.


On the other hand, you can get more tips about payments getting on hold from these links:



Please let me know if you have any other questions. I'll be right here to provide additional assistance. Keep safe!

Level 2

Quickbooks holding my cash



Thank you for escalating this for me. 

Madison contacted me and tried helping to solve the issue. 


She couldn't figure out why another department within Intuit was able to send us ACH deposits, but Merchant Services wasn't able to, even though it's all same company. She said the only way to solve it would be for me to go open a new checking account at new bank and change ACH details within Quickbooks. 


I thought if this might be beyond her pay grade, so asked for her manager, but she said 'escalation team' doesn't technically exist, so there is no manager? 


So I opened up a new checking account, changed my deposit account last Wednesday, she confirmed with me on Thursday that she will send the direct deposit.. but I've yet to hear from her despite a daily follow up. 


I am again back to where I started. Please advise me what to do to recover my money. 


Quickbooks holding my cash

I have some information that can assist you in recovering your funds, @Vouris.


I recommend contacting our Customer Support team to inquire about the status of your funds. Simply inform them that you have an open case so that they can look into it and track down the funds.


To find their phone number or chat link, please see the following article: Merchants Services Support Team


For your reference, here are some links that you can check out about fixing the payment on hold status for deposits:



Please let me know if you require any additional help in handling your transactions. I'll be there to help in any way I can. Have a wonderful day.

Level 2

Quickbooks holding my cash

Hi MaryJoy,


Please see above details in the thread. 


This has been through

  • 3 customer support reps (1+hr each time)
  • 1 escalation (multiple phone calls and emails)
  • 3 months of my cash being held by Intuit for no reason. 


And no one solved it nor helped me escalate it their leadership.


At this point, I am considering getting my attorney on this. 

Teddy Elsenbaumer
Level 3

Quickbooks holding my cash

Hey @Vouris 


Sorry you're having that experience with Intuit Merchant Services. You're not alone, it's one of the major reasons businesses outgrow Quickbooks payments eventually. I can't help with your past payments, but I'd like to offer some information that may help you avoid this issue in the future.

Intuit is a Payment Facilitator built upon First Data merchant services, as a sub-merchant you are subject to their frustrating funding delays and holds. 

If you're looking at alternatives to QB Payments a couple methods are 1. Melio (Stripe Reseller) and 2. Going directly to First Data.


  • Coming directly to First Data gives you a real merchant account with a bank underwritten agreement.
    • When done properly, you avoid funding delays and gain access to the wholesale "interchange" cost.
    • US-based customer support is available by phone 24-7
    • We live sync invoices and payments both ways with QBO, so you don't have to manually mark invoices as paid.
    • If you want to view a demo, check out my calendar at this link:


Best of luck!

Level 1

Quickbooks holding my cash

We have also experienced the exact same thing. We are also a cash based business and need the funds in order to supply our customer with what they need. We can't get anywhere with customer service. No answers, no callbacks, and things take weeks even months to resolve. This needs to change or we need to get a new merchant services company. 

Level 1

Quickbooks holding my cash

Did you ever get a resolution? We are also considering getting our attorney involved, we are experiencing the same issue. 

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