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Payment Processing Fees

Is there a way to pass along the intuit processing fee to the person paying the invoice?


Payment Processing Fees

Hello, Olctreas.


Yes. You can let your client pay the processing fee on your behalf. However, you'll have to create a separate invoice for the processing fee amount.


I would also recommend to reach out to your accountant regarding with this.


Let me know if there's anything that I can help you with.

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Payment Processing Fees

This doesn't make sense, because if you create a new invoice to have the client pay the processing fee, then there will be another processing fee associated with that invoice. 


Payment Processing Fees

Thanks for joining this conversation, sdfghjklfghjkl.


To charge a customer for a processing fee, you can include it as another line item on the invoice instead. This will prevent the system from generating another one.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Plus icon at the upper right to get to the Invoice.
  2. Enter the necessary information for this transaction.
  3. In the next line on the Product/Service section, select the processing/late fee item, then the amount. 406.PNG
  4. Once done, hit Save and close.


For additional information, consider checking out this article: How to enter late fees or finance and service charges on invoices.


I'm also sharing this article for future reference: A quick guide to Credit Card processing.


Reach out to me if you have any other issues or concerns. I'm always here to assist. Have a great day!

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Payment Processing Fees

So their is currently no way to charge the customer for the QB processing fee without having to pay a percentage for the fee also? Will QB consider adding the option of passing the full fee percentage on to the customers who pay by cc?

QuickBooks Team

Payment Processing Fees

You might want to have your customer pay the fees outside the invoice, imperialimprinting.

The option to pass the fee for credit card payments is currently unavailable. There are still states in the US that don’t allow this type of transaction. 

Receiving the payment externally would avoid from adding percentage on the invoice.  You can record this transaction through bank deposit. Here’s how:


  1. Click the plus icon from the left menu. 
  2. Choose Bank Deposit under OTHER. 
  3. Select the bank account where the payment is going to post on the Account field. 
  4. Go to Add funds to this deposit section. 
  5. Enter the name of the customer on the Received From field. 
  6. Select the account where you want to track the transaction. 
  7. Enter the payment method and amount. 
  8. Click Save and close.    


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