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Receipt printer with QuickBooks Online

I am trying to use a Star TSP600  receipt printer with Quickbooks online.  I know that QB online is not really set up fot that, however, I almost had it. A new windows update has now taken away my ability to adjust the size of image on the printer side.  Is there anyway to fix this?


Receipt printer with QuickBooks Online

Hi there, mesafeedmart,


I'd be glad to share what I know about receipt printing.


As you mentioned, receipt printers like the Star TSP600 is not supported by QuickBooks Online. Receipt printing only works with Point of Sale.


I know you almost had it working. Due to compatibility reasons, we're unable to adjust the size of image on the printer.


You can try calling the printer manufacturer to see if there's any way they can adjust the settings.


If you have additional concerns while working in QuickBooks Online, I'll be here to help.


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Receipt printer with QuickBooks Online


I read this post with interest.

WHY are thermal printers not supported by QBO?  I am a route vendor, using the QBO iPad app, and I have to hand-write my invoices if my customer won't accept an emailed copy. A PC POS system is not practical for my situation.  When I am asked what software I use, I tell them, "Quickbooks Online, but I don't recommend it"


Mike O'Conor

QuickBooks Team

Receipt printer with QuickBooks Online

I'm glad you reached out to us today, mikefmatl.


Thanks for being part of the Online Community. I'll be sure to point you in the right direction for using a thermal printer.


In addition to @ MichelleT, you can use thermal printer if your're using, QuickBooks Mobile App, QuickBooks POS and the desktop version. You'll still be able to use the device in your iPad, just make sure you install the printer's app.


You may want to consider visiting your printer provider's website for the detailed steps. I've added a link that will guide you through the steps on how to print from your mobile device.


For future reference, check out this article: Mobile applications hub.


Let me know if you have questions about using QuickBooks Mobile App. I'll be glad to keep helping. Have a great weekend ahead.

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Receipt printer with QuickBooks Online

Thanks for the response. I checked out the suggestions, and I think you are mistaking a receipt printer with a standard 8 1/2 x 11" page printer. I need to have a star Micronics or Zebra printer to print invoices on the fly. My store uses Shopkeep fo iPad, so I know it can be done. The problem is that QBO doesn't have a template to print to a 3" thermal receipt printer. One of the community answers to this problem is that QBO is "not a POS system", but I submit that if you are using the iPad app with QBO, you are basically doing just that.

I feel that this capability is not supported because it would undermine the Quickbooks POS market.

Please advise me further

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Receipt printer with QuickBooks Online

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