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Creations by Lisa
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what is a payment token

I'm getting a message that the payment token is going to expire.  What is this related to?

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QuickBooks Team

what is a payment token

Good day, @Creations by Lisa.


I'm glad you've reached out to us. Allow me to help and provide some insights about the prompt message you're getting. 


We've increased the security of all merchant services accounts and will now require authentication periodically. You'll need to verify your account credentials every six months to avoid any errors when processing a credit or debit payment in Point of Sale (POS). 


To refresh your account token, just click the Refresh link. Once done, the error message won't appear until it's time to refresh your payment token again. 


Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any other concerns about token. I'm always here to help you out. 

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what is a payment token

Where is the REFRESH button?


what is a payment token

Thanks for joining this conversation, melissa12.


If you're using Merchant Service Center or Point of Sale, you can refresh it by clicking F5 on your keyboard.


You can also follow the steps below to get rid of the payment token message:

  1. Sign in and confirm your account at any time by accessing the Login option in the upper right-hand corner (refer to the screenshot below).
  2. Enter you payments login and password.



Here's an article that may come handy: Merchant Services in Point of Sale with MFA and Token expiration.


Let me know how that works for you. As always, I'm only a few clicks away if you should have questions about this or anything else. Take care.

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what is a payment token

I clicked on the Refresh button yesterday, and got the same message saying it was going to expire in x number of days.  I just did it again today to see if notification goes away the next time I power up.

QuickBooks Team

what is a payment token

Thank adding a post, @Mike1953.


I'd be happy to help guide you to the right support who can help check and investigate this further for you.


Since you're still receiving the same error message after refreshing your account token, I recommend contacting our Merchant Support to check this further for you. For the support's contact information, you may check it here: Which Payments product do you need help with?.


You may also refer to this article if you have any other questions about the security of the Merchant Services account: Access your Merchant Services account FAQs.


Our doors are always open here in the Community page, feel free to add a post if you have any other QuickBooks or Merchant concerns. I'm here to help you however I can.

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what is a payment token

I have repeatedly tried to login for the payment token, and quickbooks autofills the user ID, which is not correct and won't let me delete or backspace to make it correct. At first we thought it was us, so we ended up changing the password 3 times bc it said user name or password incorrect. I have logged into our account several times a different way so that I could type in the user ID correctly and there is nowhere to refresh the payment token except from the pop up prompt, which won't let me put the user ID in correctly. Hope I wasn't unclear. I don't want to have to spend an hour on the phone with QuickBooks AGAIN.....every 2 weeks we have to call the help number for some issue that won't work. But that Should Work considering how much money we pay for this software. If we didn't have to use it for payroll deduct, we would have dropped it by now. Please. Fix. The errors it is creating are more frustrating than the ones it is hypothetically preventing.
QuickBooks Team

what is a payment token

Hello there, kidd5710.


The Email or user ID will already have your information pre-filled when signing in. That user ID is based on what you've entered the first time you've linked your Merchant Services account. If you changed it through your merchant account directly, it won't reflect on your Point of Sale (POS). 


In your case, you'll have to update the version of your POS to the latest release. This helps the user ID to be refreshed so you can change it. Go to the Help menu and select Software Updates. Then, click the Check for software updates


You can also update it through our support site.


If you still can't change the user ID, I'd suggest contacting our Point of Sale Support. I know you don't want to call them, however, that's the best way so they can check it further.


I'm always here if you have other concerns POS.

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