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Withheld payments

I have 3 transactions  being withheld, one quite large.  I know that I had a customer at a conference pull a fast one and decide to turn in a charge as fraudulent, I emailed a statement and haven't heard back.  But now they have tried to debit the account that is only for use with QB deposits, no money is kept in it.  The amount needed was equal to the 1st two transactions, but now they are hold 400+ dollars.  getting close to changing providers overall between the fees getting ridiculous, chaos that was caused with IRS due to the lack of transmitting employment reports (even though I had records saying quickbooks transmitted them) and now withholding money long after the event.

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QuickBooks Team

Withheld payments

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, keyestosafetyllc.


Funds are the fuel that keeps the business going, rest assured I'll do my best to help you out and get you pointed in the right direction to quickly resolve this.


When situations like this occur, it's our main priority to protect you from fraud and keep you and your customers safe. We know delays are painful, but we're obligated to protect the interests of all parties involved in payment processing.


That said, did you receive an email from us when this occurred? Usually, we request some information about the transaction and your business to help speed up our review. If we’re looking at individual transactions, we may ask for info about your customer (the cardholder) and the payment, like the billing address and or receipt. We’ll include specifics in the email so you know exactly what to send us.


If you didn't, or you can't find it anymore, then I'd highly recommend you get in touch with our Merchant Services Team. They can provide you the instructions over the phone and make sure you're taken care of properly.


Please know I'm always available here for all of your needs, I'm determined to get this fixed for you. Thanks for coming to the Community, I'll be standing by for your response.

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Withheld payments

Does merchant services have a direct line to call I have been on hold for an hour . And also I have a large payment being withheld should I cancel I can’t continue doing business with funds being held for 12 days to verify . 

Candice C
QuickBooks Team

Withheld payments

Hello, @kwright7


I see how this issue still being unresolved can take a toll on your business. Our hold times are longer than usual, but we're doing everything in our power to make sure that our customers are taken care of as soon as possible. At this time, our Merchant Services department doesn't have a direct number. However, you can go through your QuickBooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop account to get in touch with our Customer Support Team. Here are two articles that can provide you with that information: 



I'm only a post away if you need me. Take care!

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