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Bank reconciliations

I am several months behind on bank reconciliations. How do I catch up?

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Bank reconciliations

A warm welcome to the Community, mbattles.


To ensure you can catch up with the reconciliations, you can reconcile the account month-by-month. This way, you can make sure your transactions are accurate.


I'd suggest reviewing the opening balance first before doing the reconciliation. Once done, you can follow the step below to complete the process:


  1. If your accounts are connected to online banking, make sure you match and categorize all of your downloaded transactions.
  2. In QuickBooks Online, select Settings ⚙ and then Reconcile. If you're reconciling for the very first time, select Get started to continue.
  3. From the Account ▼ dropdown, select the account you want to reconcile. Make sure it's the same one on your statement.

    Important: If you see a message about a previous reconciliation, select We can help you fix it. You need to fix this before you start.

  4. Review the Beginning balance. Make sure the beginning balance in QuickBooks matches the one on your statement. Here's what to do if they don't match.
  5. Enter the Ending balance and Ending date on your statement. Some banks call the ending balance a "new balance" or a "closing balance".
  6. If you see it, review the Last statement ending date. This is the end date of your last reconciliation. Your current bank statement should start the day after.
  7. When you're ready to start, select Start reconciling.


You can go through this article for you reference: Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online. This will provide you with steps on how to manually reconcile your account that's not connected to online banking.


Let me know if there's anything else you need in QuickBooks. I'll be around to help. Have a good one.


Bank reconciliations

Hi, mbattles.


Hope you're doing great. I wanted to see how everything is going about reconciling your account. Was it resolved? Do you need any additional help or clarification? If you do, just let me know. I'd be happy to help you at anytime.


Looking forward to your reply. Have a pleasant day ahead!

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