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Blank 'Description' field when generating 'Estimates by Job' report

How do I get the Description field to populate when generating an 'Estimates by Job' report? The estimates themselves are complete with description and item etc, but when I generate the report the Description and Item fields are blank.

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Blank 'Description' field when generating 'Estimates by Job' report

Hello there, @Ames79.


Thank you for joining the Community. Allow me to help share some insights about adding the Description on the Estimates by Job.


Currently, the option to add the item's description on the report is unavailable. However, you can add a memo to show the description of the report.


Here's how: 

  1. On the Estimates by Job report, double click a transaction.
  2. On the Estimate page, enter the description on the MEMO field.
  3. Click Save & Close
  4. Select Yes to confirm. 


After you add the memo, you can customize the report to make sure the Memo column is selected. 


Here's how: 

  1. At the top left, select the Customize Report button. 
  2. Select the Display tab.
  3. Under COLUMNS, put a check mark next to Memo
  4. Click OK


I'll make sure to pass your idea to our Product Development team to see if this feature will be available for future updates. You can also send your product suggestions. 


This way, we'll be able to know what product features or options we need to add in the future updates.  To send your feedback, please go to the Help menu, choose to Send Feedback Online, then click Product Suggestion.


I've also attached this article for additional reference: Customize reports in QuickBooks Desktop.


For additional help, feel free to reach out to our Customer Care support. They can use the screen sharing tool to help you get this resolved in no time. 


Here's how you can reach them: 

  1. Go to:
  2. At the top right, select your product.
  3. Select your QuickBooks version.
  4. Select a topic.
  5. Click on the Get Phone Number button.

These resources should help to get you on the right track.


Stay in touch if you have any other questions about customizing reports in QuickBooks Desktop. I'll be happy to help you out. Wishing you and your business continued success.

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Blank 'Description' field when generating 'Estimates by Job' report



Please learn from this input.




You get to use Whatever Applies. Make sure you are using a Detail report. If your report is showing each Row is one Transaction, you don't see Line Item details on it. You either Customize the report to Filter on Split details = Yes, or you use a different report.


Please see my attachment for a generic Noninventory item used for Appliances.

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Blank 'Description' field when generating 'Estimates by Job' report



When the report shows Transactions as Rows, that memo is the Transaction memo. For instance, the Bottom of Estimates and Invoices, or the Memo field in Receive Payment. Not Line Details.

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Blank 'Description' field when generating 'Estimates by Job' report

This is an important field when managers want to look deeper into the details of transactions, e.g., what they were for exactly (tool kit, saw, installation, gas gauge, etc.).  @Quickbooks - Why would you not display information in this field in a report, when the field exists as an option to add to a report?  Please update this so we can see the item description by each transaction record.  The memo is only good for the transaction, but not the multiple records within the transaction.  Thank you.

QuickBooks Team

Blank 'Description' field when generating 'Estimates by Job' report

I understand your point, @briecarlson.


As my colleague MaryGraceS stated above, the option to show the item description in the Estimate by job report is not available. 


In the meantime, you can consider the workaround provided above on adding the item description to the memo field. 

I'll be glad to submit this feature request on your behalf to our product engineer so they'll consider adding this in the future updates.


To learn what's new and what's coming in QuickBooks, please visit our Product Updates page for reference.


 Also, I'm adding these great resources that can help guide you in your future tasks:

As always, reach out to us if you need further assistance. We're always here to help.

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Blank 'Description' field when generating 'Estimates by Job' report

I'd like the description field added as an option to display on all reports, and the reports do indicate Memo/Description, giving one the idea that both will display. Myself and my clients often automatically fill in the description field and forget the memo field as it is located elsewhere on the various expense/sales/journal entries tabs.  To then have to come back and re-enter the data in the memo field so it displays in the reporting is creating a lot of double work.  Hopefully this is rectified in a future update.


Blank 'Description' field when generating 'Estimates by Job' report

Hi KATE1996,


Thank you for your suggestion. I will pass this along with our product engineers. so they can consider adding it to QuickBooks in future updates. Feedback and suggestion have been very helpful to us. Through them, we know the needs of our clients.


If you have other suggestions, please feel free to reach out agian.

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