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Controlling which account a POS sale is posted

As currently set up for me, all sales through the POS post to an account presently labeled "Sales from Inventory." We would like to record donations to our organization with the POS and have the amount posted to a second account. Not clear how we would set up an item to do that.

Thanks for any guidance.

Phil Munck

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QuickBooks Team

Controlling which account a POS sale is posted

It's good to see you here in the Community, @whattrash.


Allow me to share information about QuickBooks Point of Sale integration. I'll also add a few details on how to add, edit, and delete items in your account.


If your QuickBooks Online (QBO) and POS are integrated or connected with a third party, ensure the mapping is correct. If your POS and QuickBooks Desktop are integrated, the system will depend on how you set up the items. Before doing so, make sure to turn on Advanced Inventory.


Here's how to create an item:


  1. Go to the Lists menu. 
  2. Select Item List (for Windows) or Items (for Mac).
  3. On the Item List window, select Item then New (for Windows). For Mac, select the plus + icon, then select New Item.
  4. Choose the type of item you want to create.
  5. Fill out the item fields.
  6. To add customized fields, Use Custom Fields.
  7. Hit Save.

I'm also adding some helpful articles:

I'm always here to back you up. Have a good one!

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