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How can you view Ship To location on the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet?


Hi  -


On the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet, how can I view data by Ship To location? 

Can Ship To location be included on the worksheet as a column of data?


Some of our customers have multiple offices so we want to see which open orders are all going to the same location.  Right now, I think I only see the data on the worksheet by customer name, but it doesn’t tell us which city or state it’s going to.  Seeing the location on this worksheet/dashboard would be very helpful so we can consolidate shipments and be efficient.


To see the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet, go to menu bar Customers – then choose Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet.  In the upper right corner of the worksheet, you’ll see “Sort By” options which include by “Customer Job”.


If it matters, we use QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Advanced Inventory enabled.


Thanks in advance for any feedback!



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QuickBooks Team

How can you view Ship To location on the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet?

That's a great idea you have right there, @Dav.


I recognize the benefit of having the Ship To location details on the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet. However, this is currently unavailable in QuickBooks Desktop.


As a workaround, we can manually open the Sales orders from the sheet and then see the SHIP TO information from the Sales order page. You can refer to this screenshot below for your visual reference:




Alternatively, this would be a great time to send this suggestion to our Product Developers. This way, they can review and might be able to add this option in future product enhancements. I'll show you how:


  1. From the top menu bar, choose Send Feedback Online.
  2. Click on Product Suggestion.
  3. Click on the drop-down for Type of Feedback and select Product Suggestion.
  4. Select the Product Area, then enter your thoughts and suggestions.
  5. Once done, select Send Feedback.


Check out the Feedback forum page to see a list of other QuickBooks users who have already suggested this feature, as well as the recent updates in QuickBooks.


To track your sales order fulfillment progress moving forward, check out this handy guide: Pick tab in Sales Order Fulfillment.


Please know that you can post anytime if you have questions about sales transactions or want to share your best practices using the product. The Community always has your back. Have a great day.

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