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How do I link a check to a bill that was deleted?

I accidentally deleted a bill that was already linked to a check that was already paid.
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QuickBooks Team

How do I link a check to a bill that was deleted?

Glad to have you here, lprado.


You can link the check to the bill by using the Pay bills feature. It will show the regular check as the payment. This works if the check has been reconciled. 

Let me show you how:


  1. Open the check you created and update the Expense account to Accounts Payable.
  2. Choose the vendor name from the Customer: Job drop-down.
  3. Select Save & Close.


Then pay the bill.


  1. Go to the Vendors menu and click on Pay Bills.
  2. Choose the bill connected to the check.
  3. Click on Set Credits, then go to the Credits tab.
  4. Put a check on the credit and update the amount as needed.
  5. Select Done and pick Pay Selected Bills.


You may refer to this article for more information: Bill shows as unpaid after writing a check in QuickBooks


Also, visit our Expenses and vendors page for more references in managing your expenses, bills, checks, and suppliers.


I'll be right here if you still have questions or clarifications about bills, don't hesitate to reply. Take care and have a great day ahead.

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How do I link a check to a bill that was deleted?

Thank you so much for your reply and help, I greatly appreciate it.  To understand you correctly as to what I should do and what I did.  I deleted an old invoice entry that I should've copied, I realized my mistake and created the bill again, but that bill had already been paid.  The check information is still there, but now I want to link that old check to the new bill (all the information was created, date, etc.)  I am using QB online.  


How do I link a check to a bill that was deleted?

Hello there, lprado


Let me share some insights about linking a check to a bill.


The steps provided by my colleague above are for QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). In QuickBooks Online (QBO), you'll be recording a check if services or items are paid on the spot. And for services or items to be paid later, you'll need to use Bill. Thus, linking a check to a bill is not an option.


To learn more about entering bills and checks as well as their difference, I recommend checking out these articles:


Keep me posted if you have other questions or clarifications. I'm here to help. Have a good one.

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