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How to see bill due on the dashboard?

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QuickBooks Team

How to see bill due on the dashboard?

Hi socalpoolboy711,


Welcome to the Community. I'm here to provide some information about the dashboard and how to find bills that are due.


The Dashboard doesn't currently have an option for showing the amount due on your bills. It has an Expenses section, but it only shows the amount due on bills entered with an expense account, not the ones with a Product/Service items.


In the meantime, it'll be better to go to the QuickBooks Expenses page and filter the list to show open bills. Let me walk you through the steps on how to get to this page:

  1. Click Expenses in the left pane, and make sure you're in the Expenses tab.
  2. Hit the Filter drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the appropriate details on the following fields:
    Type: Select Bills.
    - Status: Choose Open.
    - Date: Select the appropriate option. You could also manually enter the right dates in the From and To fields.
  4. Click Apply.

That should do it! To make sure everything is as clear as possible, I'm also attaching a screenshot below to serve as your guide.


I think it's a great idea to be able to view this information on the Dashboard. We take our customer suggestions into consideration when looking for product improvements and ways to enhance QuickBooks. I will be sure to let our Product Development Team know that this is a feature our customers are looking for.


I am looking forward to seeing you again. I'm always here to provide help and answer any questions that you may have. Cheers.

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