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How to see responses posted for my issues


How to see responses posted for my issues

A warm welcome to the Community, wayne14.


I'm here to ensure you'll be able to locate and read the responses for your issues. Once you posted a question, you'll receive the response through email notification that you've used when you signed up an account for Intuit Community. 


Also, you'll be notified when you log in to your account, just simply click your Profile icon and choose the Ring bell Notifications option.


Another way to view the responses is by going to your Community Profile. See the steps below:


  1. Click your Profile icon and choose My Profile.
  2. On your profile screen, go to the Posts tab.
  3. Click each question you've posted to see the responses,

You can check out the short video about the Community and the guidelines for additional reference.


If I can be of help while working in QuickBooks, feel free to let me know by adding a comment below.  Have a great rest of your day!

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How to see responses posted for my issues

This is wrong..


I was in chat with support...  then I got an email later saying that there was a response and a link to click to respond. The link only opens the help box in QBO again but no where to reply.


This is ridiculous as I cannot create invoice now. Fix it please.

QuickBooks Team

How to see responses posted for my issues

Hi there, wayne14,


I'd appreciate it if you can share the page after clicking the link on your email, a screenshot maybe. This will help me provide the exact solution needed so you can see responses for your issues in the Intuit Community forum.


In the meantime, let's start fresh by clearing your browser's cache. This helps delete the most recent accessed data stored in this window. Thus, causing you not to create an invoice, and keeping the help box to appear.


Use the links outlined below so you can delete a transaction:

As an alternative, make sure to use supported browsers. This is to ensure you'll get the best out of your QuickBooks experience.


Once done, here's how to create an invoice:

  1. Click + New.
  2. Select Invoice.
  3. Choose a customer name from the Customer ▼ drop-down. 
  4. Complete all other important fields.
  5. Mark the Tax checkbox if you need to charge sales tax.
  6. When you're ready to send the invoice, select Save and send

The Create invoices in QuickBooks Online page provides detailed steps on how to enter an invoice.


You can also visit the Getting Started in QB Community for tutorials to find the answer you're looking for.


I'll keep this post while waiting for your response. Thank you and keep safe!

Level 1

How to see responses posted for my issues

qb what i get.png qb email with link.png

QuickBooks Team

How to see responses posted for my issues

Thanks for these screenshots, @wayne14.


To view the response of our chat support , you'll need to make sure that you've signed in to your account. However, if you've already signed in and the issue persists, you may perform the troubleshooting steps provided by my peer, MaryLandT above.


If doing this doesn't make a difference, I recommend contacting our Customer Care Team again. They'll be able to identify the root cause of why you can't create invoices and help determine the reason for being unable to view their response.


On the other hand, if you could also provide me with the specific details for what you were experiencing upon creating an invoice, I would be happy to take a look and help get it taken care of.


You can also visit this link attached for more information about entering sales transactions and navigating QBO with its great features: Resources for getting started with QuickBooks Online.


Know that my doors are always open to assist if there's anything else that you need. I'll make sure you're all set. Take care Wayne.

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