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Incorrect Starting Balance

I have a feed though account which started with an balance of zero.  After the first reconciliation I deleted the transactions and re-entered them.  Since then the start balance is not zero, it is a large negative number.  when I look at the chart of accounts it shows the correct balance but when I open the registry it is not correct.  I have looked through several questions which seem similar but can't find any suggestions that seem to apply to my situation.

screen captures

when I did the most recent reconciliation it showed a start balance of $0 which was correct, so it is just on the registry that is it not correct.

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QuickBooks Team

Incorrect Starting Balance

Hello ruelparent,


The account balance you see on the Chart of Accounts page is just your account balance after the last transaction. Let's open your registry again, and click the DATE header to sort the transactions by date. Then, please check your account balance after the latest transaction.


Please post back here if you have questions.

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