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You can - at least I know for desktop - but you cannot do it yourself. Sales support will be happy to help you with this. Call during normal business hours unless those hours are affected by the virus

QuickBooks Team

Hello there, @fpisptreasurer.


At this time, the system only accepts credit or debit cards when paying your subscription. However, if you have a debit card that's associated with your current checking account, you can utilize it for the renewal of your subscription.


If you want to use the checking account alone, tying this up for your subscription's payment isn't available. To learn more about the accepted mode of payment for QBO, please see this link: Subscription payment options for QuickBooks Online.


On the other hand, our engineers are always finding and considering ways to improve the product for your business's convenience. I'll take not and send this preference to them so they can asses it.


I'm also adding here a link about updating your billing details in the system for reference: Update the payment information for your subscription.


If there's anything else that I can assist you with, let me know. I'll make sure you're all set. Take care!

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My husband passed away and the card was in his name.  I seen all payments were made.   Can I use our business account for payment.  Please advise

QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Sorry to hear about the passing of your husband, joanlinen.


If you are trying to use a business account to pay for a personal expense, we can record it in QuickBooks Online (QBO). First, let's record a personal expense from a business account by following the steps below: 

  1. Tick the New Plus icon. 
  2. Select Check or Expense.
  3. Choose a Payee from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the Bank AccountCash Account, or Credit Card used to make the purchase.
  5. In the Category details section, tap the drop-down menu to select the tax category that fits your need.
  6. Enter the Amount of the purchase.
  7. Press Save and close.

Then, reimburse the company by following Step 2 in the Pay for personal expenses from a business credit card or bank account article. If you need to record business expenses you made with personal funds, just follow the steps and details in the Pay for business expenses with personal funds article.


Feel free to visit our Expenses and vendors page for more insights about managing your vendors' transactions. 


I'll be right here to continue helping if you have any other concerns or questions about QuickBooks. Assistance is just one click away. You have a good one. 

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