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Job Completion Detail Review

We are a job costing company.  Every product we sell is a result of a job estimate that is custom fabricated for a unique customer.  We would like the ability to run a report at the end of the job that would help us complete a full blown post-mortem or the job.  There are estimate vs actual reports that do provide a large portion of what we need but it does not show the purchase order numbers of the material we ordered to build the job.  We currently must zoom into or drill down to the line item of expense, then drill to the bill where it was paid and then we can see the purchase order number of where it was procured.  Is there a way to get the material purchase order number to show up on a report that we could use for this analysis?

QuickBooks Team

Job Completion Detail Review

Good to see you here, @vgardner218. I can add some information about your preferred report in QuickBooks Desktop.


I understand how it is important for you and your business to show the purchase order number in the report. But currently, this option is unavailable in QuickBooks Desktop. To see the purchase order, you may need to drill down each item in the report. 

In the meantime, you'll want to run the Purchase orders by job report then export them as Excel. From there, merge the Estimates Job vs. Actual and Purchase orders by job reports. 


Here's how:

  1. Open QuickBooks and go to the Reports menu.
  2. Select the Reports Center.
  3. Find the reports.
  4. Click the Excel on the toolbar. 
  5. To create a new Excel workbook, select Create New Worksheet or  Update Existing Worksheet
  6. When you’re ready to export, select OK


Additionally, here are some that you can read to help manage reports in QuickBooks Desktop:


Should you need any further assistance or guidance, please respond down below. I'll be around to help you more. Thank you for your time and have a nice day. 

Level 1

Job Completion Detail Review

Thank you for your response.  Is there anything that can be done using the advanced reporting application in QB Enterprise ?

QuickBooks Team

Job Completion Detail Review

Welcome back to the Community, vgardner218.

I recognize how important for your business to run a report that shows the purchase order number for the materials ordered to build the job. Let me route you in the right direction to help build the report you need.

QuickBooks Advanced Reporting lets you use your QuickBooks data to create interactive reports and gain better insight into your business. There’s no limit to the fully customizable reports you can build from any data set.

To activate the feature, I recommend you get in touch with our Technical Support Team for further assistance. Our specialists will gather personal information to help sign up for QuickBooks Advanced Reporting.

Here’s how:


  1. Click on the Help icon at the top menu bar to select QuickBooks Desktop Help F1.
  2. In the Have a Question window, scroll down to choose the Contact us link.
  3. This will display the Contact Us screen.
  4. Go to the Tell us more about your question section to enter the issue or topic in the field box.
  5. Press the Search button to display the Get Phone Number or Start a Message option.

Let me share these articles to help you in the future. These resources contain answers to common questions about QuickBooks Advanced Reporting. Also, you’ll see a video tutorial on how to use the feature.



Click the Reply button if you have additional questions or concerns. I’ll get back to answer them for you. Enjoy the rest of the day.

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