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lost company files doing accountants copy alternative option

I hope this is the correct board. I have Pro 2016 and the company will soon be closing so we decided not to renew?update to 2020. There is no option for an accountants copy(grayed out) alternative being done with CPA's employee. Lengthy so she had me call her back when it was completed.When i rechecked the progress the computer was completely frozen. Called her back and she said to just turn the computer off and back on leaving the flashdrive intact to keep the data. Instead i cannot log into the QB question asked was had i changed the name of my company. NO two of the CPA employees have worked with me to see what we can do. There are are no files on the flashdrive and when i try to log in at any stage i get nothing or a message that my caps lock is on. IT IS NOT.I even unplugged the keyboard from the computer and pluged it back in. DOES ANYONE have any suggestions for me ???? [email address removed]

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QuickBooks Team

lost company files doing accountants copy alternative option

Hi brendalynne29.


I appreciate you sharing with us the details about your concern. I can definitely help you find your working company file.


You might have created the company file to a different file location. You can open the Product Information page to track the .QBW data by pressing F2 on your keyboard. See this example below:  




If you're still unable to find it, Let's perform a wild card search to view the date, time stamp, or size of the backup copy. To do so, please follow the steps below: Make sure to include the asterisk (*) before the file type.


  • *.qbw (Working File)  
  • *.qbb (Backup File) 
  • *.qba (Accountants Copy File)  
  • *.qbx (Accountants Transfer File)
  • *.qby (Accountants Change File) 


For further guidance, you can also check out this article: Company file is missing or cannot be found


You may read this article for more information: Resolve Problems Opening QuickBooks Desktop or your Company File


Let me know if you need further assistance, so we can perform additional troubleshooting steps to find your company. Have a wonderful day!

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lost company files doing accountants copy alternative option

we did the wild card thing and found it is at E:\. i have no such thing.actually it did not find the precise thing we were looking for it does not have the beginning name of the company file we need. 

Do not understand how to access the first suggestion you have if i cannot locate the company file to do that product search. OR is this something you are suggesting this would be done via My Computer ?


lost company files doing accountants copy alternative option

Hello, brendalynne29.


Thanks for getting back to us with the update, and I appreciate your time doing all the possible steps to get this sorted out. 


The first suggestion given by my colleague means that you can either do that through My Computer or using the wild card search. Since you've already did all the steps to find it, I would recommend contacting our support agents. 


They can help you find the file in your computer with their tools. Here's how to reach them: 


  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop. 
  2. Go to the Help menu, then choose QuickBooks Desktop Help.
  3. Click the Contact us link at the bottom of the pop-up window. 
  4. On the new window, click QuickBooks Setup & Navigation for the topic. 
  5. Scroll down and click the Start a Message button.




After finding the correct company file, you can check this article if you need help using the Accountant's copy: Use the Accountant's Copy.


If you need to do something else in the program, our help articles are always available for viewing. Check out our guides and important details about processes here


Closing the company can be a tough decision, but we do hope you'll find other business ventures soon. If you have other questions or concerns for QuickBooks Desktop, you're welcome to post here again. I'll be around to help. 

Level 2

lost company files doing accountants copy alternative option

thanks,still working on this. ugh at holiday time i need this like nothing.

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