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My Profit & Loss isn't showing any income

My profit and Loss reports aren't showing any income and the income was put in QB as a deposit manually. I do not invoice. I just put a deposit that's made directly to our bank account by an ACH deposit every month into QB online as a deposit. Why isn't the income on my P&L

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QuickBooks Team

My Profit & Loss isn't showing any income

Hi Charbar,


I'll guide you on how to check and on how to report your deposited income/funds in your Profit and Loss report.


Your deposits will only be reported to your P&L if you categorized them as income. So, we'll check them out in your bank register and categorize them accordingly.

  1. Click the Gear icon and choose Chart of Accounts.
  2. Open the bank register (View Register) where you post your transactions.
  3. Check on your deposit transactions and their category.
  4. If they are not categorized as income, you can click on them and assign the correct income account.
  5. Click Save and confirm your changes if prompted.

You can run the Profit and Loss report after changing one or two transactions to see the effect.


By the way, since these are ACH transactions, I would suggest checking if there's a setting to map your sales to income, so you won't have to manually recategorize them in your register. You can check that in the app that you use to connect to QuickBooks to import your transactions. If got them from online banking, see about categorizing online banking transactions.


Let me know if you have other questions in mind.

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