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App not letting me photo receipts

Camera not working to record receipt
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App not letting me photo receipts

Let's get this working so you can capture the receipts, mjkefmr1959.
I'd also like to ask what happens every time you capture a receipt? Is there an error message?
You may also need to allow the app to access your camera. You can refer to your device's manual or instruction on how to change your phone's settings.
If access are already given, let's refresh app data. Here's how:
If you're using an iOS device
  1. Go to Menu ☰ and tap Help & Feedback.
  2. Tap Refresh Data.
  3. Note: A message appears “Caution. If there was a problem getting your latest QuickBooks Online data, you can refresh it now. It may take a few minutes.”
  4. Select Refresh to confirm.


If you're on an Android device
  1. Go to Menu ☰ and tap More Options ⋮.
  2. Select Settings, then Refresh Data.
  3. Tap YES to confirm.


After that, check if you can now capture a receipt using the mobile app.
Let me share these articles as well if you need more references about this feature: 
Don't hesitate to always get back here and ask questions if you need anything else. We're always here to offer our help.

App not letting me photo receipts

Hi mjkefmr1959,
Hope you’re doing great. I wanted to see how everything is going about taking photo of the receipt. Was it resolved? Do you need any additional help or clarification? If you do, just let me know. I’d be happy to help you at anytime.
Looking forward to your reply. Have a pleasant day ahead!
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App not letting me photo receipts


Camera error when trying to take pic of receipt. Refreshed data as above, but still no change. Android Samsung phone

QuickBooks Team

App not letting me photo receipts

I'll help you fix the issue of why you're unable to capture receipts using the QuickBooks Online (QBO) mobile app, Afritec.


I appreciate you for performing the refresh data troubleshooting steps shared by my peer above. Since the issue persists, I suggest uninstalling and then reinstalling the mobile app. It allows you to use the app on a clean slate. Follow the steps below to proceed:


  1. Tap and hold the app on your phone.
  2. Drag the app to the Uninstall section.
  3. Select Yes to confirm.


Once done, visit this article for specific details on how to reinstall the QBO mobile app: How to download the QuickBooks Online mobile app.


However, I recommend reaching out to our Technical Support Team if the problem continues. They're equipped with the necessary tools to perform a screen-sharing session to investigate this behavior further.


Additionally, you may visit this article to get an overview of what you can do with the app. This way, you'll be able to navigate the program easily: QuickBooks Online App Overview.


Please don't hesitate to reply anytime if you still have questions or concerns about capturing receipts. I'll be here, ready to assist you. Have a good one!

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App not letting me photo receipts

I am having this same issue, and I have uninstalled the APP and reinstalled with the same issue. 

Level 1

App not letting me photo receipts

I'm having the same issue. I've refreshed cache as suggested. This did not work.


Permissions are enabled. And it's been working fine for years.


Now it says Camera Error - cannot connect to the camera.

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App not letting me photo receipts

I'm also having the issue of the app not being able to access the camera suddenly. 🤷


I've tried both fixes above and neither have solved the problem 🤦


App not letting me photo receipts

I've got all the details you need about being unable to capture receipts on the mobile app, SleepyLampy2000.


The behavior you've experienced on the mobile app has been escalated to the Senior Customer Success Expert Team. They have now completed their initial analysis of the issue,. And, have determined the need to forward this to our Engineering Team for further investigation.


I suggest contacting our QuickBooks Online Live Team so they can add your account to the investigation (INV-85044). By doing so, they'll send updates regarding the status of the issue via email.


Once fixed, you can enjoy capturing receipts on the mobile app. Check out this article for instructions and detailed steps: Learn how to upload your receipts to QuickBooks Online.


You can always tap me if you have other QuickBooks concerns. Have a wonderful day ahead!

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App not letting me photo receipts

Can you provide a direct link to get added to investigation? It is very inefficient to have to go through chat/phone.

QuickBooks Team

App not letting me photo receipts

I heard your sentiments and feedback about the process of adding you to the list of affected users, morrison.


However, the Community is a public forum where anyone can see your input. That said, these types of concerns are best routed to our phone support team. This way, our support can collate the information needed to add you to the list of ongoing investigations and ensure you receive updates once a fix is available.


Please see this article for complete steps and guidelines: QuickBooks Online Support.


We appreciate your patience while we’re working on this one. Stay safe!

Level 1

App not letting me photo receipts

The app is not connecting with the camera.  I've tried checking that the app has permission in the phone settings; I've refreshed the app data; I've restarted the phone.  I did find a work-around - taking a photo with the phone camera and selecting the photo from Gallery, but shouldn't it be able to work directly? - Jon Powell

QuickBooks Team

App not letting me photo receipts

I recognize the importance of keeping track of receipts in QuickBooks Online, @Jon428.


There's currently an ongoing investigation regarding the app not connecting with the camera when taking a photo of receipts. Rest assured, our engineers are looking into the issue and working on a fix.


I recommend contacting our Customer Support about it. This enables them to add your account to the list of affected users. I'll show you how to reach support:


Please note the support hours to make sure specialists are available for assistance.


  1. Log in to your QBO account.
  2. Click on Help (?).
  3. Choose either tab to get started:
  • Assistant: Get fast, personalized responses. Pick a suggested way, or enter your concern. If you need more help, you can Talk to a human.
  • Search: Search the QBO knowledge base directly, or select Contact Us and select a way to connect with us:
    • Start a chat
    • Get a callback


You'll receive an email notification from our team regarding updates on the case.


For future use, see this guide on managing receipts in QBO: Email receipts and bills to QuickBooks Online.


Keep in touch so we can assist you further with receipts or QuickBooks. Stay safe always.

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