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How do I see the expenses that are grouped together in a budget catagory?

I am new to QBO/business owning and have a bookkeeper putting in my data. I have created my first budget based on the data from last year, however the numbers don't make sense and I want to know where this data is coming from so I can check it and understand how it is coming up with these amounts.
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QuickBooks Team

How do I see the expenses that are grouped together in a budget catagory?

Welcome to the Community, @steven_dennis.


You can run the Budget Overview report from the Reports menu in QuickBooks.


Also, you may want to run the Budget vs. Actuals report to keep track of your actual income and expenses compared to your budgeted amounts. Here are the steps how:


  1. Go to the Reports menu, and then search for Budget vs. Actuals.
  2. Choose the Report period you want, the Accounting method, etc.
  3. In the Budget section, pick the appropriate budget with class.
  4. Click Run report once is done.


Then, you can customize it to personalize its details and formats. Check out this article for the steps on how: Customize reports.


Technically, you should be able to see both parent and sub-expense account in the report. You'll only need to make sure you're using the correct Budget templateReport Period, and the Accounting method.


Also, you must review each transaction you have created and make sure it uses the correct expense item. This way, the amount will be broken down on the report based on the expense account used.


Please let me know how this goes for you. I'm here if you need further assistance with your budget report. Have a great day!

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