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job estimate vs actual with customer filter

Desktop premier contractor 2021

Ive created 2 customer types>  Active Job  > Closed Job

when I run job estimate vs actual with customer type set to > Active Job report is blank


my goal is to see only current jobs, not have closed mixed in

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QuickBooks Team

job estimate vs actual with customer filter

Thanks for laying out the details of your concern, John.


I'd be delighted to provide some insights on how to get around this issue and view the data you need. 


You'll want to ensure you filter the date range of the report accurately. If this is not the case, please make sure you've updated your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) to the latest release. This way, we can guarantee the software is equipped with the newest features and fixes. Let me show you how. 


  1. Go to the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Click the Update Now tab. 
  3. Select Get Updates to start the download.
  4. When the download finishes, restart QuickBooks.
  5. Accept the option to install the new release when prompted.


You can also check this link for more details: Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release.


If the issue persists, I suggest running the Verify Rebuild tool. This scans your company file for potential errors and quickly resolved them.


When everything looks good, you might want to memorize your report to save its current settings. This way, you can easily access it whenever you need to view the same information.


In case you have any other questions about running your reports in QBDT, you can always tag me in your reply. I'll be around to back you up anytime!

Level 2

job estimate vs actual with customer filter

Thanks for the info  but that doesnt address my question

try creating the report using the parameter I set    it doesnt work


job estimate vs actual with customer filter

Thanks for getting back to us and performing some steps to show the report you need, @johnlicc.


Since you set the correct parameter of your report and doesn't work. It's possible that there is data damage within your company file. To fix this, let's verify and rebuild your QuickBooks software. This process is used to fix common data issues and unexpected behavior within the file.


Before we start, please secure a backup of your company.


Here's how:

  1. Click Window at the top menu then Close All.
  2. Verify Data. Choose File then Utilities. Select Verify Data.
  3. If you see:
    • "QuickBooks detected no problems with your data," no further action is needed.
    • A specific error message, there may already be an article for it. Try searching for it in our QuickBooks Desktop support site for specific instructions.
    • "Your data has lost integrity," indicates there is data damage in the file. Continue to the steps below to Rebuild Data to correct the problem.

 To rebuild:

  1. Go to the File menu, then select Utilities and Rebuild Data.
  2. On the QuickBooks Information window, select Ok. Follow the prompts to save a backup. (Note: Your computer may display QuickBooks is not responding. However, as long as you can see your mouse cursor move, Rebuild is still ongoing. Wait for it to complete).
  3. Click OK when you see Rebuild has been completed.


You can also drill down the data by double-clicking and reviewing each transaction on the report. The source of the report is the summary information about the transaction, including the account, names, amount, and items used.


I'm adding an article that has all the information about reports in QuickBooks Desktop and how to use them: Understand reports.


Let me know how these steps work on your end. I'm always here to help. Take good care, @johnlicc.

Level 2

job estimate vs actual with customer filter

Ive done that and it doesnt work

QuickBooks Team

job estimate vs actual with customer filter

Hello there, johnlicc.

I appreciate you for performing the troubleshooting steps shared by my peers and providing the result. I can route you to the right team who can properly address your concern.

We’ll have to check how you customized the report including the filters. The items selected will help identify the cause of the issue.

The security of your information always comes first. Thus, I recommend contacting our Technical Support Team for further investigation. They’ll also assist you on how to apply the solution to get the data to show on the report.

To reach them:


  1. Open your QuickBooks and go to the Help menu at the top bar to select QuickBooks Desktop Help F1.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the window and click the Contact us link.
  3. In the Contact Us screen, head to the Tell us more about your question section and type a brief description of your concern.
  4. Click the Search menu and choose Call us to speak with an agent or Message Us to start a conversation.


I want to ensure you can easily keep track of your sales and expenses using predefined customer, job, and sales reports. This reference will guide you on how to accomplish these tasks: Customize customer, job, and sales reports in QuickBooks Desktop.

The following resource covers all the details on how to manage reports in QuickBooks: Understand reports. It contains links to topics such as setting report preferences, creating a memorized statement, setting up a schedule, etc.

Click the Reply button and add a comment if you still need assistance running any reports. I’ll jump right back in to help you. Have a good one.

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