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my chart of accounts is not lining up with my reports

I'm not sure what happened. I ran a report on 1/29 and on Friday 2/2 I noticed my chart of accounts was all mixed up and not in the same order as the reports. I have not gone in to modify any of the accounts in my chart of accounts. 


I've cleared cache, cookies, restarted, etc. to see if it was a caching issue? Nope. 


I've tried to edit the accounts to put them in the right place, but they show they "are" in the right place?


In the example below, "bank fees" is the main category and the others should be subcategories (as in the report view) and you can see in the COA view, it shows "interest" fees as the main category? 



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QuickBooks Team

my chart of accounts is not lining up with my reports

Welcome to the Community space, Stephanie. We'll help you sort this out to align your chart of accounts with your business reports inside QuickBooks Online (QBO).


Before anything else, we appreciate you providing a detailed representation of your current situation. Upon reading your post, you'll want to ensure that your sub-accounts are linked to the correct parent account. This way, what you see on your reports will match the arrangement in your chart of accounts. We'll write down the steps to get you going:


  1. Access your QuickBooks Online company.
  2. Go to the Transactions tab and then choose Chart of accounts.
  3. Locate the sub-accounts.
  4. Click the Dropdown arrow and then choose Edit.
  5. In the Is sub-account section, choose the correct parent account.
  6. Once done, click the Save and Close button.


If the issue persists, we recommend contacting our Customer Care Team. This way, they can access your account in a secure environment and conduct further investigation to determine the root cause of the problem. Please see this page for more details: QuickBooks Online Support.


In addition, we got these articles to help you manage accounts in your COA and modify your business reports to show specific data:



It's our top priority to respond if you need further assistance managing accounts in your COA, Stephanie. Please don't hesitate to comment below so we can help you again. Keep safe.

Level 3

my chart of accounts is not lining up with my reports

of course i know how to organize my chart of accounts. my issue is that the way they are organized is not aligning with how the reports are showing up. Please review the attachments to see what I mean. Thanks!


my chart of accounts is not lining up with my reports

Thanks for getting back with the Community, StephanieCrocker1. I appreciate your detailed information and attachment.


There's a couple ways you can reorder the accounts that appear in your Chart of accounts. For example, while viewing the screen, you can click your Name, Type, Detail Type, Currency, etc. columns to sort the list in different orders, ascending or descending. When you do this, you'll notice an arrow pointing either up (ascending) or down (descending).


Another option's using account numbers to organize the Chart of accounts. You'll need to enable this feature if you want to assign numbers to your accounts.


Here's how:

  1. Use the Gear icon, then go to Account and settings.
  2. Access your Advanced tab.
  3. Find the Chart of accounts section.
  4. Click its Pencil icon.
  5. Turn on Enable account numbers.
  6. Select Save, then Done.
  7. Begin assigning account numbers.


I can certainly understand how an ability to reorder accounts on your report could be useful and have submitted a suggestion about it as of today. You can also submit your own feature requests while signed in.


Your feedback's definitely valuable to Intuit and will be considered by our Product Development team in future updates. You can stay up-to-date with the latest news about your product by reviewing Intuit's Product Updates webpage.


As a workaround, you can export reports and further customize them outside of QuickBooks.


Please feel welcome to send a reply if there's any additional questions. Have an awesome Wednesday!

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