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Payment Processor Fees

Hello, PayTraQer is used to sync Stripe sales. For each payment processing fee expense that comes through via PayTraQer, QBO is creating a Bill that hits Accounts Payable. The Bill shows Paid, but both the Expense and Bill are reported as Stripe fees, thereby inflating the figure. Please see attachment. 


I've confirmed that the sync with PayTraQer isn't creating a Bill in QBO. What's going on? Why is QBO automatically creating a Bill with each processing fee and how do I get rid of this workflow so Stripe fees account isn't inflated? Thank you very much. 

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QuickBooks Team

Payment Processor Fees

Thank you for providing further information about your concern, @chanching. I’ll share some insights about the integration between Stripes and QuickBooks Online (QBO).


The reason why QBO is creating a bill from Stripes is that it’s the one that generates the sales. Nevertheless, PayTraQer is only utilized to integrate your QBO company and Stripe.


Furthermore, you can check out this link to learn more about entering and recording bills in QuickBooks Online.


In addition, you can refer to the following article about categorizing transactions and reconciling your account.



Should you have any concerns with transactions, you can always leave a comment below. Have a great day!

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Payment Processor Fees


Afaik, that's one of the limitations of using PayTraQer.


We recommend our clients to use another app to reconcile Stripe transactions into QBO.


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Payment Processor Fees

How would Snyder be better than PayTraQer in identifying and resolving the issue in this case? Thanks. 

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