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Receipt Capture for Asset Categories



When using the QB App and receipt capture, the category drop down only allows expense accounts and not Asset accounts. Is there a setting I can change to allow asset categories?

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QuickBooks Team

Receipt Capture for Asset Categories

It's good to see you here, @EMCPhx. Let me provide some information about receipt capture in QuickBooks mobile app.


I can see how relevant it is to have an asset account as an option in the dropdown menu when using the receipt capture feature. Currently, you can only select an expense account. 


You may also review this link to learn more about uploading receipts and bills to QuickBooks Online. It also includes some ideas on how to review, add, or match receipts and bills.


In addition to that, I've attached an article that you can utilize for future use: Email your expense receipts and bills to QuickBooks Online.


Fill me in if you have further questions about uploading receipts in QuickBooks. I'll be happy to help you. Keep safe and have a pleasant day!

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Receipt Capture for Asset Categories

thank you for your response. seems like a logical and easy fix. Any chance this is coming soon?


Receipt Capture for Asset Categories

I can help make everything possible in QuickBooks, @EMCPhx.


Sending feature suggestions enables our creators to develop a solution to enhance your overall QuickBooks experience. With this, I'd suggest sending feedback to our product engineers. This way, there is a chance that the asset account option will be available when using the receipt capture feature.


Here's how:


  1. Open your QBO app and click the three dots or line on the upper right side. 
  2. Select the App Feedback tab. 
  3. Type your suggestion in the description box and click Next

Many of the program's current features are available because of user feedback. Also, QuickBooks has a website where you can vote and provide comments on any future suggestions. To access the page, visit this link: Customer Feedback for QuickBooks.


Furthermore, check out these articles below on how to handle HEIC format and categorize your receipts in QuickBooks:



If you have other suggestions or comments on the product, don't hang back to let me know in the comments section below. I'm willing to listen to you and help you make it all possible on QuickBooks. Stay protected.


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