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Level 1

Reports display

How do I make reports display full width of the screen?  Is there an easy way to make the report span the full width of the screen, instead of only showing a portion of each column?  I'm using QuickBooks for Desktop.

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Kristine Mae

Reports display

Hello there, Afm_treasurer.


You can adjust the column width, then hide/collapse the menus on the left pane.


To hide it, just click the arrow next to the Magnifying glass icon. 


You can check the screenshots as your reference.






Let us know if you have other concerns. We'll be here to help you. 

Level 15

Reports display

Try this method, which I teach for managing your Desktop:


I am going to assume you have QB set for Multiple Windows, and not One Window at a time.


Use Windows menu > Close All. Now run your report. You then use Windows Menu > Tile (either Tile is fine). When you have only One Thing open on the screen, this = Stretch to Fit.

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