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Help With Work Anxiety

Good afternoon, wonderful people of the Community! We have officially entered August and the back-to-school commercials are coming in full swing. I’m not sad about leaving this sweltering hot summer behind soon, but I’m trying to soak up some of those rays while I still can. I hope everyone is well-rested and productive this week!

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Work anxiety can be a tough reality in any job. Even people with their dream job experience it. Maybe there’s a huge deadline coming up, financial issues, or an extra responsibility you’re not quite confident in, but everyone has felt it. The good news is that this too shall pass… but what can we do in the meantime? I’m here with some ideas that get me through when anxiety is trying to take over.


Start your morning right
This can mean something different to anyone, but one thing I recommend is giving yourself some quiet time before you go to work. Whether it’s sitting outside for a little while with coffee, meditating, or reading a book, going from sleep straight into work doesn’t give your mind the time it needs to gear up. Take some time for yourself before your workday even begins.


Talk to someone
Family members and friends are significant assets when you’re experiencing any kind of stress, but talking to someone at your job can give you the positive boost you need. It’s possible they can help, or know someone who can help you with what you're struggling with. But to be honest, just having someone who knows the situation listen and validate your feelings can make a tremendous difference in the anxiety you feel. It's hard to open up for some, but find someone you can trust and let them know what you’re feeling.


Listen to what you need
I know most of us don’t get that much free time on our weekends. Between responsibilities in the house or friends and family, your “weekend” (whenever that is for you) can slip by in a moment and you’re back at work. This is even more true for business owners who find themselves not on a strict schedule. When you have free time, make sure you’re giving your mind and body what it needs. If you’re exhausted, take a nap. Scientists have determined that the best naps are actually about 10 - 20 minutes and can leave you feeling more energized. Leave the laundry and go for a walk. We don’t need to be productive all the time and giving ourselves that space to relax can mean everything to your anxiety.


Most importantly, don't stuff that anxiety away. It's ok to feel these things and take it one day at a time. You can do this and it won't last forever. I'd love to hear what has worked for you or a particular work challenge that had you stressed. Let's support each other. I promise you're not alone!

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