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QUESTION: Which Payment Processor Do You Prefer?




It's an understatement to say that getting paid is important to a small business owner because it's super important! We count on our revenue to keep the whole operation afloat, to pay bills and to pay employees and ourselves. 


So, how do you process payments from your customers? Do you use Square, PayPal, Apple or Google Pay, Venmo, Elavon, checks, or something else? What would you recommend using to someone just starting out in your business?


Let us know in the comments below...

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QUESTION: Which Payment Processor Do You Prefer?



This is a great question! 


When you factor the cost of time into the equation, Parkway believes that Intuit Merchant Solutions provides the best service offering for most of our clients.  Admittedly their tiered approach is not my favorite on the market, but the ability to invoice and receive payments online have reduced the DSO (days outstanding) rates for many of our clients which ultimately improves their cash flow.


Your question struck one of my hot buttons and motivated me to share some additional information about the different structures of merchant processing plans.  I hope you do not mind a link to related content :)


Three Tier vs Interchange Plus: Merchant Processing Explained


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