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too many limitations

After 6 weeks I am starting to think I made a mistake in choosing QB Online for my business, I hope I am wrong as I have put a lot of time and effort to get this up and running. My company sells products to two markets - the public and then also to resellers / dealers. As such, there is a pricing structure whereby the reseller gets a discount. (Problem no.1 - QB does not allow line item discounts)

I have almost 2000 products (Problem no.2 - QB has a limit of 1000 when importing - ergo double the work to change prices)

My country uses VAT (Problem no. 3 - QB does not allow the change of the word TAX displayed on invoices / quotes) I have to display my VAT number on all sales documents (Problem No. 4 - QB adds in "Tax Registration" before the number)

Some products have different discounted amounts (Problem no1 part 2 - i can use the discount field at the bottome which will apply only one % to the entire quote)

Some of these issues are overcome when creating my own templates and importing, this is nowhere near as simple as it sounds and the EZ Map fields dont always work.

Imagine you are my dealer and you have asked for the price of two products. Product A has a discount of 15% and Product B a discount of 20%

I can send you a quote which shows the products (one on each line) retail price because I cannot apply a discount, not only that but the price you see on each line is tax EXclusive. So you, the dealer must take the retail price, apply your discount, add vat to know what you will pay for each product. 

I am not a big company, there are only 3 of us, I do not sell huge amounts, but to get an accounting package that actually does what I need it to it seems I have to look elsewhere. Anyone who can suggest work arounds to the above ? Thanks

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Level 3

too many limitations

Have you tried using price rules and custom fields?


You can also add VAT as a line item and leave off the tax box. This way you can include any text name in both the name and description.


Also with the VAT number, you can remove the tax registration field and add the VAT in the footer or memo. 



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Level 3

too many limitations

Unfortunately Price Rules are not available in my version, that would have solved a lot of problems.

It is the customers VAT number that has the problem with displaying as "TAX Reg No." and I understand the work around would be to create custom fields but then I would have to manually enter the VAT Number every time I created a document for that customer, my work around was to add the VAT Number into their address.

Adding VAT as a line item would be similar to adding discount as a line item (if I understand you correctly) - in both cases this is manually doing something a normal accounting package would do aiutomatically. I would create an item called VAT / DISCOUNT and calculate the figure applicable to the product above and enter into each line. That would be a line for the product, a line for VAT, a line for the dscount. Imagine what my quote looks like when I have 15 products listed.

Level 3

too many limitations

Have you tried creating item - VAT as a bundle?

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