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Small Business Revenue and the "Weather Hype Industrial Complex"


Two days ago, supermarket shelves throughout the U.S. Northeast were again denuded of milk and bread as residents battened down the hatches for "Four'easter": the fourth nor'easter storm to dump heavy snow on the region in as many weeks.


But you know who really got socked? Our local restaurants and small businesses.


The storm never materialized, and neither did all the potential shoppers and restaurant-goers who might have opened their wallets this past Wednesday but for an increasingly dire series of weather forecasts emanating from every local and social media outlet. Restaurants in particular took a big hit, with receipts down 20%-50% for the day, the Boston Globe reports.


Foot traffic and public get-togethers are fair-weather friends. An overblown weather forecast is more than just an inconvenience - it can actually cost communities money. Just something to think about.



Has your business ever suffered from the "weather hype industrial complex"? What's your strategy for navigating the economic ups and downs of the changing winds?

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Small Business Revenue and the "Weather Hype Industrial Complex"

If I can get out after the plows come through  I will go to my office since it is easier to get things done from there than at home. And If I do get out, I'll be at the local diner for lunch. If I can't get out, then I'll be on the phone calling people to follow up on things I need to move forward with their tax returns.

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Small Business Revenue and the "Weather Hype Industrial Complex"

That's the spirit, @cpajoe! In my town there's a pizza place that invested in its own commercial-grade generator so it can keep serving up pies when all the other local restaurants lose power. It's a genius move that has not only paid for itself within the first year but also built up a significant amount of community goodwill toward the business. It's the once place we can all count on for a hot meal during a blizzard.


Bad Weather + Disaster Preparedness = Brand Awareness Through Public Service

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