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Small Business Success Leads to Community Success

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Hello QuickBooks Community! Did you know that small businesses provide essential services and contribute to the community through revenue that supports schools, libraries, and road maintenance? Small business success is tied to many things we love about our local communities!  
QuickBooks surveyed small business owners about their definition of success and discovered that small business success is also community success. Here are some key takeaways that they got, according to this article in the QuickBooks Blog:
  • Small businesses improve mental health in the community.
  • Small businesses are better for the environment.
  • Small businesses create jobs.
  • Entrepreneurship creates a culture of innovation.
  • Small businesses generate local tax revenue.
  • Small businesses create a community identity.
  • Small businesses foster diversity in the community.


In summary, small businesses drive the economy, and their success is critical to creating vibrant and healthy communities. From providing essential services to contributing to local nonprofit organizations, small businesses have a significant impact on the places we call home. Let's celebrate Small Business Success Month by supporting and strengthening our local businesses and communities. Make sure to read more about these statistics in the full blog post shared above and see you next time!

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