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What inspired you to start your business?

map template.png Hello Quickbook Community! How are you doing? Today, while trying to find a topic to discuss, I couldn't stray away from the idea of Inspiration. Inspiration, in a sense is what inspired or motivated you to start your small business. Personally, I had the opportunity to assist my father in running his commercial fishing business. Throughout this experience, it taught me a lot about what drives a person once they are passionate about what they want to achieve. I recently interviewed my father asking him what inspired him, and this is what he had to say:


1. Family
He expressed to me that this was his number one priority. He wanted to provide extra security for his family, and the way he saw to do that was by running his own business. Although there were some curveballs starting up, he continues what he loves and proves to be successful in the end.


2. The Opportunity Presented Itself
Although he did a lot of research, like learning more about the industry, the advantages and disadvantages of this market, and the cost, reality hit and it was difficult once getting started. After investing time and effort over a year or so, he was able to get a better handle on it.


3. Bossing Up
He felt that it was time for him to take control and become independent. Also, he saw this as a means of job security, being his own boss. As well as a way to spend more time with his family due to flexibility. 


What inspired or motivated you to start your own small business? Please share your story or experience starting up your company, I would love to read them! Thank you, and stay safe!

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