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Started in Accounting in 1997 fresh out of High-School back in Ireland. I had studied Math & Economics in College but Financially could not complete the Degree.

Spent the years following working as an Accountant in Ireland while studying with the ACCA. I've worked for most of the "Big 5" even the one that's missing now, in that time and I've studied under some excellent Audit and Forensic Accountants I'm proud to call friends and mentors.

Since 2003 I have been mainly running my own Business' while consulting and running back-offices for others. It was there I learned, I just love Business, I don't really care what type, just the aspect of running a business itself. So I went back to my Accounting studies and learned what I needed to do that. In 2009 I moved to Canada with my Family and I've been running several successful Business since then, not least of which is McBride Bookkeeping a Boutique QBO Accounting firm.

We specialize in hard to manage cases, Back-logs of work, CRA issues, Inventory Management, 3rd Party & ECommerce Integrations. While some of our Clients came to us struggling with these big issues, we're happy to say we've helped them all so far and turned those scenarios into "normal" accounting now. Always on the lookout for that next challenging case. I can't say we're The Best QBO Quickbooks Online Advisors in Canada but I know we're in the top 10 at least!
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