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Terms and Conditions

Eligibility: This offer is eligible for small businesses running multiple companies and are required to use a single email account when signing up for QuickBooks Online. Starting March 24, 2020 and for a limited time, eligible customers will be entitled to obtain a bulk-pricing discount package. It requires the small business to buy more than one company subscription with each order. Discount available for then-current list price of QuickBooks Online (“QBO”) subscription. Offer limited to new QBO subscriptions only. List price subject to change at any time at Intuit’s sole discretion.

Pricing: Small businesses can receive 50% off the list price for 2 years when purchasing 2-9 licenses or 50% off the list price for 5 years when purchasing 10 or more licenses, starting at time of sign up. To receive the full pricing options, please call 1-888-829-8589. All prices quoted exclude applicable taxes which will be applied on each monthly invoice. The offer can be redeemed for QuickBooks Online EasyStart, Essentials and Plus. In the case of an upgrade or downgrade the price will change to the then current list price for the relevant subscription. The bulk purchasing terms do not require the account owner to license the same products. Intuit will honor the pricing set forth in this offer, provided that the subscriptions of at least two companies purchased for the 2 year discount and at least 10 companies purchased for the 5 year discount continue uninterrupted. If any payment is missed following 14 days after invoicing, any resubscription will change to the then-current list price. The offer cannot be transferred to another client, individual or company. The QuickBooks Online account will be automatically charged on a monthly basis based on the billing date. You may cancel at any time by calling 1-888-829-8589 or by visiting the account tab on your QuickBooks Online Subscription.

Term of Offer: Terms, conditions, pricing, special features, and service and support options subject to change without notice.