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Time Tracking for Property Management and Realty Teams

If you’re a property manager or real estate agent in charge of a team, you’ll likely spend a lot of your time ensuring that your team members are where they need to be and that jobs such as viewings, maintenance, and inspections are completed in a timely manner.

Many elements of realty management boil down to delegating and time tracking, which can be time-consuming. QuickBooks Time software helps to streamline and simplify these elements of real estate and property management, so you can focus on other things while your team is out and about on the job.

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Perfect for On-the-Go Workers

When it comes to time tracking for realtors, the mobile tracking app is perfect for workers whose jobs involve working from multiple locations, as they can track and update their time on the go. The GPS feature means that managers can view the live locations of every member of your team, so you know where your team is and how they’re progressing throughout the day.

This feature is perfect for the realty management of teams. It allows managers to keep an eye on their workers as they drive from location to location for viewings or consultations to ensure everyone is where they’re supposed to be.

Check-in From Anywhere

Whether they’re starting the day’s work or arriving at a new job after lunch, employees and real estate professionals can check-in using the mobile app from any location. With a click of a button, property managers and realty consultants can quickly and efficiently clock in and check job schedules so they can get back to their client meetings.

From real estate teams performing property viewings and inspections to maintenance teams conducting repairs, time tracking software enables employees to check in, track hours, and update locations in real-time.

Stops Micromanagement of Teams

With instant access to your team’s locations and schedules, there’s no need to regularly check in on them while they’re out on the job. You’ll know how much time they’re spending on different tasks day-to-day, and the properties they visit, without having to disturb them.

Not only does this give you peace of mind, but it makes predicting, planning, and executing future projects for your business even easier. By allowing your teams to go about their responsibilities independently, you’re also building trust between you and your team.

Manage Shifts and Consultations in One Place

Make managing shift work easy with a cloud-based shift-scheduling system. Managers can copy and paste employee shifts and send notifications of changes, while employees can focus on doing their best work without worrying about their schedules.

One of the biggest tips for real estate agents is to cultivate their organizational skills. This tracking and scheduling software gives your team the tools they need to stay organized and on top of their busy schedules. Our software makes it easy to check everything is in place for shifts and at any time, from anywhere as the data automatically uploads to the cloud multiple times a day.

Keeps Private and Sensitive Data Secure

Property and facility management professionals regularly have access to personal and private contact information. Multiple staff members often require client addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses of potential and current customers. With so much sensitive data at their disposal, it’s essential to use software that offers enough account security to keep everything safe.

Our network-secure technology uses data encryption to provide security layers, keeping private information and content, well, private.

Keeps Everyone Connected in Real-Time

Managing workers that are always on-the-go can feel fragmented at times, but our software keeps everyone connected in real-time for improved project management for real estate teams. With your realty team out and about, you can use the GPS tracking feature to determine which of your staff members is closest to the next viewing.

Send them real-time notifications and texts to inform them of their updated employee schedule and get them where they need to go. There is even an in-app activity feed that lets teams interact and add notes to one another for better alignment. This lets real estate agents reference their mobile app between sites to ensure they get to where their next appointment is.

Start Tracking Today

Whether time tracking for property management or improving project management for real estate teams, QuickBooks Time can provide everyone with the project management tools they need to succeed in this industry. Not only will you improve your organizational skills and productivity, but also your customer service as clients and property owners receive quality professional services.

As a manager of a mobile team in an industry that is always on the go, why not cover all you and your workforce’s needs with one software. QuickBooks Time provides all the benefits listed above, making shift scheduling and tracking a breeze. It can also integrate with accounting software for real estate agents to create a comprehensive set of features for improved management of both your finances and your employees! Try it free today.

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