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Combine Intuit accounts all into one

I have been using Intuit products since 2000 and I currently have accounts for Quickbooks Desktop, Quickbooks online (for a different entity), TurboTax and Quickbooks Point of Sale and a couple of accounts that I no longer use that are tied to email addresses that I no longer use. Keeping track of all of the various passwords is becoming more and more difficult. Can I combine all of my products into one account with one username and password?

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Re: Combine Intuit accounts all into one

Yes, you can use a single login credential for all of your Intuit product subscriptions, matrophy1.


We'll need to choose a specific username and password. Then, we can access each product and edit the login credentials. Here's the process that we can follow:

  1. Think of a username and password that you want to use for all of the Intuit products.
  2. Go to this link and choose the product that you want update first:
  3. Enter your current login credentials.
  4. Update the username and password. You can use the articles below to do it:
    • For QuickBooks Online - How to Change Your User ID or Password.
    • For QuickBooks Desktop, Point of Sale, and other Intuit products - Manage Your QuickBooks Desktop Products and Subscriptions in CAMPS.
    • For TurboTax - How Do I Change My TurboTax Login (User ID or Password)?
    • For QuickBooks Payments - Create and Manage Your Payments User ID.
  5. Save the changes.

After updating the usernames and passwords, you should be able to access your subscriptions through CAMPS.


That should do it! I'll be right here if you need more help with this. Have a great day!

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