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Quickbooks Cash

I simply want to change the name and address on my account. I don't know why Quickbooks will not let me do this or why it seems to be so confusing for me. I got an email from support and they told me to go to my QB payments account and to change the info, I was able to change some things that needed to be changed, but it did not allow me to change the principal name (which is the name of a partner who is no longer with the company). I just want to change a name and an address because that same person who is not with the company still receives our mail. 

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Quickbooks Cash

I appreciate you for getting back to us, 9130 3493 1030 8646.



Since you'll be changing the principal name, you'll have to re-apply for QuickBooks Cash. There are information that can't be changed in MSC that includes the Principal's name.


That being said, I'd recommend reaching out to our QuickBooks Payments team so you'll be guided on the process.


You can contact them by clicking this link; Contact Payments or Point of Sale Support.


Feel free to save this article for future reference: Learn more about QuickBooks Cash accounts and the Cash Flow menu.


I'll be around if you need help. Keep safe!

9130 3493 1030 8646
Level 1

Quickbooks Cash



I was not helped with my problem at all through support. Can I please just call someone?? I don't care if they're American or not just someone who can help me fix my problem. No support person I have talked with has any idea on how to help me change a name. I just want to change the principal name! That is a huge blunder on Quickbooks part, terrible customer service. 


Quickbooks Cash

This isn't the kind of service we want you to experience, @9130 3493 1030 8646.


You can change the principal name by going to Just follow the outlined steps below in updating this information:


  1. Log in to your Intuit account via
  2. Use your QBO login credentials.
  3. Select Personal Info from the left navigation bar.
  4. Click Edit, enter the correct contact name from there, then Save.
  5. Click Exit.


I've added this article: Change your email, user ID, or password in case you'll want to modify the email address, user ID, or password as well.


Once done, change the contact information in the Payroll Setting. Let me show you how: Click the gear icon, then select Payroll settings


  1. Under the Overview tab, click Contact Information.
  2. Update the name on the fields. You can also click the Edit link at the bottom part.
  3. Once done, click OK


If there's anything else you'd like to update in your payroll account, you can check this article: Update your business info in online payroll.


 However, if you can't change the contact information by following the steps above, I'd suggest contacting our Customer Support Team. I understand that you've already contacted them before but they're the right support group to change your principal name and have the tools and resources to check on this further. Just click this link for more details: QuickBooks Online Support.


 You can also visit other articles here if you need help managing your payroll account. For QuickBooks Online-related articles, browse the articles here


Don’t hesitate to visit the Community if you have any QuickBooks concerns. I’ll be right here to assist further. Take good care!

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