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American Express Parent Card

I have one main american express card with three employee cards connected to it.  When I set up the banking to connect and download the transactions, the employee transactions didn't come through.  I get one statement and make one payment to this card.  I tried setting up parent / sub accounts with the employee accounts but this does not solve my problem by making one payment and having one statement.  Is there any way to successfully set this up so it comes up under one feed?

QuickBooks Team

American Express Parent Card

It's great to see you here, jenna_schles.


Let me show you how to properly set up your bank accounts.


We need to check first how your bank sends the transactions. We only need to add the account which your bank sends them. You may verify this with your bank's support. However, we need to add all the individual accounts if the transactions are posted to each account. I have an article here for your reference about bank or credit card subaccount setup.


Also, this article will show us how to create subaccounts in your chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online.


In addition, you also have an option to manually upload the bank transactions. This is very helpful and applicable especially if there are missing transactions or if the bank won't download them.


I've added this link if you need assistance with reconciling your account: Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online.


Please keep your posts coming if you need more help. Wishing you all the best and keep safe!

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American Express Parent Card

Thank you.  I know how to add bank accounts.  


I tried adding sub accounts but I can't get the bulk of the transactions to come through on the main account.  This is how its set up in AMEX:


JR Platinum AMEX - main account

JS Green AMEX - sub

CL Green AMEX - sub

TR Green AMEX - sub


There is ONE payment made for these accounts to the main account and ONE statement issued.  When I connected the main account to QB, the sub transactions did not come through on the feed.  But the payment that came through was the payment for all of the accounts, so I am not sure how it would reconcile properly.  


Has anyone else figured this out?

QuickBooks Team

American Express Parent Card

Thanks for the response, @jenna_schles.


I recommend calling into our Online Support for further assistance. Rest assured, they have the tools that can allow a screen share to look into this behavior and help you can your transactions flowing properly. Here's how to get in touch:

  1. Go to the (?) Help icon, then Contact Us.
  2. Type in your question or concern in the Description Box then hit Let's Talk.
  3. Choose how you want to get contacted.

You'll hear from an agent shortly. 


Let me know how the conversation goes. I'll be here if you have additional questions or concerns. Have a wonderful day!

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