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How do I file a complaint or give actual honest feedback?

I am beyond fed up with Quickbooks as a company right now. I have been having a constant cascade of technical issues ever since my bank merged with another bank. None of which Quickbooks support was able to help me with the first or second or third times I tried to get help.

First, I was locked out of my account for unclear reasons. One day it simply wouldn't accept my password. I'd suspect that I may have entered the wrong password too many times, but when I tried to reset my password it became clear that the system was borked. The password reset link sent me to a Quickbooks error message page and there appeared to be no way for me to reset my password and regain access to my account on my own.


This issue became urgent two weeks later when my debit card number changed due to a bank merger. I began receiving messages from Quickbooks telling me that my account would be canceled for non-payment if I didn't update my payment method.

I dutifully reached out to tech support to get help logging in, but it turned out that the public-facing instructions for how to contact Quickbooks Self-Employed support were wrong. The information pointed to a different department which had no ability to troubleshoot Quickbooks Self-Employed.


The first such incorrect representative member I contacted then transferred me to *another* incorrect representative, who proceeded to quit on me with no explanation before I was connected to a *third* online representative who finally gave me a phone number to call.


Fortunately, this phone number got me a gentleman who was able to successfully reset my password manually on his end and enable me to login. I then updated my payment method. Or so I thought.


A few days later, I got another email telling me my account was on the verge of being canceled due to nonpayment. Now fairly irate, I emailed Quickbooks Customer Support explaining the problems I was having and asking what I was supposed to do if updating my payment method wasn't working. I never heard back.


A few days later, I received an email telling me that my account had been canceled.


This time I decided to try calling Intuit's sales hotline, hoping that people motivated to meet sales quotas would actually be able to solve my problem. Protip: this hack apparently works. The sales representative almost instantly connected me to a tech support representative who was able to re-activate my canceled account. Together we were (I hope, it's only been 24 hours so I'm still afraid I will find out something went wrong) able successful in updating my payment method.


However, now there was a new problem. My Quickbooks account was showing an obvious error. It seemed to be counting one of my bank accounts twice, and showing an outdated balance for it on top of that. Investigation revealed that transactions between my pre- and post-merger bank accounts were being counted as duplicates, and worse than that, both accounts were now demanding that I verify them before they would display current information.


The Intuit representative watched via screenshare as I carried out the instructions the web interface supplied to verify the accounts. Only to then return to the page and be told that the accounts weren't still verified. Three times. In rapid succession.


We were on the verge of calling my bank to try to determine if the problem was on their end, but I had already been on the phone trying to restore my account for an hour at this point and I had to go to a meeting. In any event, I still don't have an account that actually works and I've spent a total of probably about three hours on the phone with six different Quickbooks representatives while receiving no responses from the email support system and being told by the online representatives that they couldn't help me.


All this time, Quickbooks has very cleverly (and very evilly) only given me the opportunity to give feedback about individual customer service representatives who I spoke with on the phone.


All of these representatives have been impeccable. It is not their fault that Quickbooks' online system has sometimes inexplicably broken, that the information in its support articles is incorrect, or that it doesn't seem to be able to interface with my bank's new online systems. 


So how can I actually tell the higher-ups at Quickbooks what is going on without throwing these highly skilled and impeccably polite representatives under the bus?

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QuickBooks Team

How do I file a complaint or give actual honest feedback?

This isn't what I want you to experience with QuickBooks, CLKagmi.


Let me make it up to you by making sure this banking issue gets further investigated.


I understand that you've contacted our support team, but I would still recommend reaching out to them again. They have full access to your account and can further determine its main cause. Also, you can share your feedback with our support. This way, we can add your suggestions on how we can improve your customer service experience. 


To get in touch with our representative, please follow these steps:


  1. Select Assistant from the top bar.
  2. Type or say Talk to a human.
  3.  Select your preferred support method: Message an agent or Get a callback


In case you're unable to access your account, I'd suggest using our QuickBooks Self-Employed trial version


Also, to ensure you'll get assisted on time, please see our support hours.


Additionally, you can always visit our Help articles page for future reference. There, you can read some of our helpful articles that will guide you in completing your other banking-related tasks.


Please know that your voice matters, CLKagmi. If there's anything else I can do for you, please let me know. I'll be around to help you.


How do I file a complaint or give actual honest feedback?

Hi there @CLKagmi. I’m one of the Moderators for the QuickBooks Community and wanted to take a moment to thank you for coming to us with your experience and feedback.

I am sharing this post with our team. I want to make sure they are aware of the process to get the support you needed so that we can make improvements to our service going forward. As a side note, we no longer offer e-mail support, so I'd be grateful if you could share where you found a support e-mail so that we can address that. 

I also understand that you still have an outstanding issue with the connection to your bank. As
@CharleneMaeF mentioned, it will be best to get back in contact with our support team to resolve that issue, but I will be here with you in the community to make sure you find a resolution quickly.

If you experience any difficulties getting back in touch or resolving the issue, please let me know, and I’ll do all I can to help out.

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How do I file a complaint or give actual honest feedback?

Thank you.

Just so you know, the "Contact Quickbooks Support" article you linked below explains how to use a feature which is only available through a client dashboard. So it can't be used by a client whose problem is that they can't login to their account.

Since I could not login, I tried contacting support using this public-facing portal: 

But that is where I was repeatedly told that the online representatives could not help self-employed customers and it took several iterations of getting transferred to the wrong department for someone to find the Quickbooks Self-Employed support phone number.

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How do I file a complaint or give actual honest feedback?

I do appreciate that. 

The email address I replied to was the one that was sending me notifications that my account was about to be canceled. I now see that it does have "noreply" in the email address, though that wasn't displayed in the display name my email client showed for the address.


I had thought that since it was sending me notifications that something was wrong with my account, someone might be able to help me with the problem. 

I'll take another stab at resolving the bank issue the next time I have time during business hours.

I appreciate you sharing this message with your team. I've been very frustrated with how the feedback system seems to be designed to prevent me from reporting systemic issues since it only asks for feedback on the performance of specific tech support representatives.



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How do I file a complaint or give actual honest feedback?

I have recently upgraded to QB desktop- multi user 2022 from 2019.

After the upgrad, i lost all my attachments.  I called quickbooks and after 4.5 hours on the phone with support they could not resolve my issue.   They elevated me to the next level support.   I then spent another 1.5 hours with that support agent who said they would have to call me back in the morning.  I asked for a case # in the event that no one called me back.  I did receive a case number.

Well of course no one called me back, that was three days ago.  I call QB again today - i was on hold for 1.5 hours while the support agent tried to get permission for me to be forwarded to level 2 support.  She said her supervisor denied the request after reviewing the case.  They said i did not speak to a level 2 support agent.

i asked how that was possible when the agent gave me a case# - they said there were no notes in the case.

I am absolutely astonished at this service.  I have been a QB pro adivisor for 20 + years and i have never had this horrible service.  I now have to call back again tomorrow and try to get to a second level suppor agent or go through another four hours of trying to resolve the issue for my client

i would appreciate any help or guidance as how to "move past" the first level of support when reaching the support agent.   I don;t know how i can continue to encourage my 15 clients to upgrad their quickbooks or use quick books on line

QuickBooks Team

How do I file a complaint or give actual honest feedback?

Thank you for sharing your experience with me in this thread, @disgusted1. I appreciate your patience with the time spent with our phone support team. 


This is something that we don't take lightly. I'll make sure to share your feedback with our team to make sure this won't happen again in the future. 


Based on what you've shared with me, here’s how I analyzed the problem. Possibly, these attachments were accidentally detached or removed. 


Let's locate the folder where you have previously saved the file to re-link the attached documents. Usually, attached files are located in the Attach folder which is in the same location as your company file.


Here's how:


  1. Open the location where your company file is stored and open the Attach folder.
  2. Open the folder with the OLD company file name, then copy and paste the contents of the Inbox folder into the Inbox sub-folder of the folder with the new company file name.
  3. Copy and paste the contents of the Txn folder into the Txn sub-folder of the folder with the new company name.



Once done, re-attach the files or documents manually. Here's how:


  1. Open the transaction.
  2. Click the Attach File button.
  3. Click Computer, then select the attachment.
  4. Click Done, then Save & Close. 


You'll want to check out this article for more details: FAQs and Common Issues For QuickBooks Document Center.


Let me know if you have any follow-up questions. I'll be around to guide you some more. Thanks again for trusting us with your business.

Level 1

How do I file a complaint or give actual honest feedback?

This process was repeated several times- in several different ways - hence the total of 6 hours on the phone with support and the escalation.  while re-attaching manually does not seem to be a problem - there are over 9000 attachment - quite time consuming


QuickBooks Team

How do I file a complaint or give actual honest feedback?

I hear your sentiments, @disgusted1

We'd like to take a closer look at your issue so we can provide a timely resolution.


Please expect a private message from one of our admins to discuss this concern with you further. You'll want to check your Community inbox from time to time.


If you have any other concerns about QuickBooks, feel free to post again in the Community.

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