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missing bank transactions

Suddenly lost 3 months of uncharacterized bank transactions....suggestions?

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missing bank transactions

I'll help you in recovering those missing bank transactions, jillyssocks.


Have you recently updated anything like your account number, username, or password on your bank's website? This may be the cause for missing transactions.


Let's update your bank account to bring in the transactions in QuickBooks Online. I'll show you how.


  1. Go to Banking on the left panel.
  2. Click on the Banking link.
  3. Select the account you’re working on.
  4. Next, click on the Update button.


Also, you can check your uncategorized accounts. The missing transaction may be there.


Here how:


  1. Go to the Accounting menu.
  2. Select the Chart of Accounts tab.
  3. Look for the Uncategorized Income or Uncategorized Expenses account.
  4. Select Run report.
  5. Look for your missing transaction on the report.


If you still can't find them, you can download the missing bank transaction manually from your bank's website and import them into QuickBooks. Log in to your bank website, then download CSV files of your transactions. I've included the following articles below for more insights:



Once everything is back in order, you can begin categorizing and matching your online bank transactions to ensure that they are posted into the appropriate accounts.


Stay in touch with us if you need further assistance with finding those missing transactions. We're always here to help.

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missing bank transactions


Another option, utilize MT Online as a workaround. It is designed to import into any bank or credit card in QuickBooks Online, so there is no specific setting needed.


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missing bank transactions

I'm starting to think these postings are from Moneythumb sales people.


I have a similar problem with missing transactions.  Quickbooks has acknowledged that this is a problem with Bank of America accounts more broadly and "attached my account" to the case being worked on by a Product Egngineer.  A "proadvisor" asked me to call in a special number to get help.


Guess what - this special number told me that there is a fix, but it hasn't been rolled out to the product yet, and in order for me to get it, I have to pay between $2600 and 4000 for it.  I'm in shock - I pay for the proudct, it's not workiing and is a product issue admitted to by their own customer service team, and now I need to pay this insane amount for a fix?


Has anyone else experienced this? 


missing bank transactions

Hi mpkmosaic,


I can see that this is a duplicate. Please refer to my colleague's answer in the other thread:


Have a good one.

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missing bank transactions

Looks like a lot of us are going through this problem! And customer service is NOT helping. 


Would love to see this get escalated. We're being scammed. 

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missing bank transactions

I had the same problem and just discovered it as I was trying to rapidly finalize my tax deductions. What a pain in the rear.  A complete three months is missing and then random transactions are not there For other months. I had to audit against my bank account; way too tedious for the amount of money we’re paying.


I saw where they said to run an update against your bank account. I’m gonna try that and see if it resolves it. The question I have is why are the transactions missing in the first place

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missing bank transactions

Currently having same issue. Guessing QuickBooks having a glitch. I have updated bank transactions and it misses some of the transactions, but gets most of them. Super frustrating.


missing bank transactions

I appreciate you for posting on this thread, Farmerjoe100.


I understand how it feels when some of the bank transactions are missing.


Since you already updated the connection of your financial institution, I'd suggest reaching out to our phone support team. One of our agents there can do a screenshare and investigate this further.


In the meantime, you can bring the other transactions manually. I've added this reference for the detailed steps: Import transactions.


Afterward, you can categorize them to ensure they're on the correct accounts.


Keep me posted whenever you have other concerns.

Level 1

missing bank transactions

I have this problem every year, there are hundreds of transactions missing, not all of them just random ones for 4 months then it worked again. I can't just import the 4 months of bank transactions as half of them were imported so I have to import them manually. QBO is the biggest joke in the industry. I hate this company and dealing with this for 6 years straight is insane. Their experts never have a clue what is going on and I would rather have no books at all than have this backward way of "record-keeping". Stay far away if you own an actual business with thousands or tens of thousands of transactions per year. 

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missing bank transactions

It is so incredibly frustrating that this keeps happening for multiple years and Quickbooks does not fix it. What a buggy software with a terrible user experience.

Level 1

missing bank transactions

yeah, time to move on to another service. What should be a few hours if QB worked properly keeps turning into multiple days of trying to determine what's missing and add just that back in without creating chaos. Currently inexplicably missing all but 1 account for at least 2 months and seemingly random transactions from the rest of last year.

This is the entire purpose of QB. What exactly are we paying for?

And far from the only thing that isn't working properly... tried to classify about 9 transactions earlier and QU supposedly spent the next half hour reclassifying 11K transactions... no option to stop/cancel or undo... but then also no idea what was reclassified as nowhere near that number in active search results or unclassified to begin with. 

Customer service clearly has no understanding. Every response is just standard placating phrases & cut paste info from the help documentation. 

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