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Quickbooks cash

I made a grave error I guess in allowing Intuit to be partially my bank.  I thought I was going to save alot in fees for the people who pay invoices but I haven't seen it yet.  I tried to move the deposits from these customers back to my primary bank account at US Bank to no avail so far.  I really have trouble having to spend stupid amounts of time to simply undo this.  They do take the fee out of my US Bank account but deposit into QBO cash.  So now I wanted to transfer my money.  I initiated the transfer OUT of intuits gr*(&by hands on 5/4.  It is now 5/10 and they are saying that sometime in 3 days I'll see 2 amounts in my USBank account to confirm that's where I want it to go.  Now remember, THIS IS THE ACCOUNT THEY TAKE MONEY OUT OF EVERY TIME THIS CLIENT MAKES A PAYMENT.  But when it's time to get it away from them they make it much more difficult that it should be.  If they can go one way they can go the other except they want to keep my money as long as possible.  As soon as I get this worked out I am going to try to close that effing thing and get control of my money back.  I wonder if others have felt this way or just acquiesce.

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Quickbooks cash

I know how delays are painful, billpennock.


I appreciate all the steps you've done about cash funds problems in QuickBooks Online. 


In this matter, you'll want to contact our technical support team. They have specific tools to check the main cause of your QuickBooks cash account. Also, they can submit a ticket to our engineers for further investigation.


Here's how: 

  1. Go to the Help menu, then click Contact Us
  2. Type your concern in the box and tap Let's talk
  3. Choose either Get a call or Start a chat
  4. Complete the required data and submit the request.


Please call them within business hours to ensure we cater to your concern immediately.


You might also want to check out these articles to know more about the QuickBooks Cash accounts: 



Keep in touch with me if there's anything else I can do for you about the cash account. I've got you back. Be safe always. 

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Quickbooks cash

Thank you but there are two costs to everything.  the actual cost and the PITA cost.  The PITA cost is WAY too much.  Everyone I deal with seems to think i have enough time to be contacting support people.  I don't. 

I appreciate your trying As soon as I get this money transfer issue taken care of (by the way it is now the 12 and I STILL don't have 2 deposits, no other time that i have had to verify and account has it every taken this long) I am going to close this cash account and simplify my life.  At least if intuit will let me.  I may have to go through the whole support thing just to get my money back under my control which, if you haven't figured it out, i resent terribly

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Quickbooks cash

Well even though i have a message that says within 3 days of the 10th I'd get 2 small deposits it's now the 16th and I never have.  it took days to even get that message.  it is now 12 days from the time i originally asked for my money to be transfered away from QBO Cash and into my bank account which Intuit already has access too because they deposit invoices paid and take fees.  But they won't transfer my cash.  This policy feels like it is either designed by incompetents or by competent people directed to do everything they can to keep the money in intuit hands as long as possible

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Quickbooks cash

Michelle please lol


no instructions no videos for paying bills from QB cash account!

my clients are dumping tons of money into my QB cash account, i dont want to waste time transferring that money to my other accounts i have already connected to my QB online acct, I simply want to pay my bills form my QB cash account online and see that they are paid, i have 4 invoices stating i paid from quick books cash with a check. i dont have checks. what is that supposed to mean other than the bills are marked as paid but never got paid?





QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks cash

Thanks for following this thread, @honoluluwindow. There are two methods in paying bills using your QuickBooks Cash account.


One is via paper check, and the other is ACH. We can review your QuickBooks Cash transfer to determine how your bills are being paid. Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Cash Flow menu.
  2. In the Recent activity section, select View all.
  3. Select Money out to filter the list, then select individual transactions to get more details.


For future reference, you can also check out this article to learn more about how QuickBooks Cash account works: Use your QuickBooks Cash account. It includes steps in cashing in or out, and pay your bills. 


Drop a line if you have more questions about your transactions. I'd be happy to get back and help. 

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