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When will the funds deposit to my bank account and will you look and make sure i linked my account right.

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QuickBooks Team

When will the funds deposit to my bank account and will you look and make sure i linked my account right.

Welcome to the Community, drilling360-gmai. I can share some information about processing transactions with a QuickBooks Payments account.

If this is your first batch of payments, they'll be held for five business days. This includes any other batches you submit during these timeframes. If Intuit's in need of anything during or after this review, you'll receive an email. I'd recommend keeping an eye on your inbox for any communications about funds on hold reviews.
There's also the normal timeframe associated with obtaining money from a customer, then sending that deposit to your bank. When you process a card, it will approve or decline right away. If one's approved and there's no reason for it to be under review, funds will be sent to your bank once its batch closes.

An ACH payment can take up to five business days to receive from your customer's financial institution. Just like with a card, Intuit will send a deposit to your bank once the funds have been successfully received. If it declines for any reason, you'll receive a check writer return notification about the reject code from your customer's bank.

If a batch is processed before 3 PM PT, the money will be sent to your bank that same day. If transactions are processed after that time, they'll be deposited with the next day's batch. Once the funds have been sent to your financial institution, normally you'll see them within two to three business days. If a reject occurs, our deposit attempt will be returned and you'll be notified by email of what's taken place.

You can make sure a bank account was linked correctly by reviewing your direct deposit information in the Merchant Service Center.

Here's how:
1. Sign in to the Merchant Service Center.
2. In the top menu bar, move your cursor over the Account ▼ drop-down menu and choose Account Profile.3. Locate your Deposit Account Information section, then review its details.

If there isn't a bank account on file, click Add. Otherwise, you can update any incorrect info by selecting Edit.

Here's a few helpful resources that provide more information about processing transactions, funding timeframes, funds on hold reviews, and using the Merchant Service Center:


I'll be here to assist if there's any additional questions. Have a great day!

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