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How to fix rejected QuickBooks Payments deposits or fees

A Returned Item is when your bank doesn't allow us to deposit funds or collect fees from your account. If this happens, we'll email this notice, along with all the info you need to resolve it. And once you've taken care of it, reply to that email or call us at 888-692-9559 so we can retry the deposit or debit.

Reject code Reason Resolution
R03/R04 No Account/Unable to Locate Account/Invalid Account Number: The account number does not correspond to the individual identified in the entry or a valid account. Check your deposit bank account information in the Merchant Service Center, then fix any mistakes, or update your bank info for payments deposits.
R05 Unauthorized Debit Entry: A business debit entry was transmitted to a members consumer account, and the member had not authorized the entry.

Returned at Our Bank's Request

No action needed
R07 Authorization Revoked by Customer: You previously authorized an entry but revoked authorization
R08 Payment Stopped: You requested a stop payment
R10/R29 Customer Advises Not Authorized/ Corporate Customer Advises Not Authorized: You advised your bank that Intuit is not authorized to debit your account and/or that entry was not authorized.
R11 Check Safekeeping Entry Return No action needed
R12 Branch Sold To Another DFI: Entry destined for an account at a branch that has been sold to another financial institution. You can update your bank info for payments deposits.
R13 Bank Not Qualified to Participate: Your bank can't participate in ACH or the routing number is incorrect You can update your bank info for payments deposits.
R14/R15 Account Holder Deceased: Account holder has died (used in the event of a Representative Payee, Guardian, or trustee.) If the account holder is deceased, send us a Death Certificate. Depending on the bank's policy, a letter or complete bank account change may also be required. See bank letter instructions.
R16 Account Frozen: Funds unavailable due to legal action or your bank.
R17 File Record Edit Criteria: Your bank rejected some portions of this item (identified in return addenda) You do not need to do anything. We'll try to fix this issue.
R20 Non Transaction Account: Policies or regulations prohibit or limit ACH activity on your account
R21 Invalid Company Identification Not applicable
R22 Invalid Individual ID Number Not applicable

Entry refused by your bank due to one of the following:

  • Minimum or exact amount not remitted
  • Account subject to litigation
  • Transaction results in overpayment
  • Intuit's bank not known by your bank
  • You didn't authorize payment
R24 Duplicate Entry: Request appears to be a duplicate entry You don’t need to do anything. We’ll try to fix this issue.

How to submit a bank letter

Your bank letter must:

  • Be on bank letterhead.
  • Clearly state the specific reject reason and that it has been resolved.
  • State that the account is open and available for both ACH debits and credits.
  • Include your bank account number and the routing number.
  • Include your case number or Merchant Account Number.
  • Include a telephone number for a bank representative.
  • Be signed and dated by a bank representative.

Fax bank letters to 818-436-8291.

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